Paige Spiranac comes to Charlie Woods’ rescue and sends a message that will please his father Tiger

Paige Spiranac recently voiced her concerns regarding the media attention surrounding Charlie Woods, the 15-year-old son of golf legend Tiger Woods. Following Charlie’s unsuccessful attempt to qualify for a PGA Tour event, Spiranac took to social media to advocate for less scrutiny on the young golfer.


Charlie’s round, which ended in a 16-over 86 score during the pre-qualifier for the Cognizant Classic, drew significant attention, with each shot scrutinized on social platforms.



Paige Spiranac destroys beer can with power swing and shows a little more than expected.


Despite displaying moments of promise, including an impressive 300-yard drive at the 2023 PNC Championship, Charlie ultimately fell short of expectations during the qualifying event.


Spiranac emphasized the need for Charlie to develop his game without the added pressure of constant media coverage, highlighting the mental challenges already inherent in the sport.


“How about we let Charlie Woods develop his game without constant media coverage,” she wrote on X.


“Golf is mentally challenging enough without all the added eyeballs on him and pressure.


“It was a pre qualifier for the Monday qualifier. A lot of juniors play in pre quals and Mondays for experience. It’s not uncommon at all.”


Moreover, on-ground reports revealed the overwhelming presence of spectators and autograph seekers, despite requests for privacy and respect from field marshals.


While Tiger Woods was absent due to illness, Charlie faced undue attention from fans clamoring for autographs and photos, a situation exacerbated by the absence of his school team and limited security personnel.



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