Oak Crest Golf course works to start golf season early

NORWAY, Mich. (WLUC) – The ground crew at Oak Crest Golf Course spent their Monday raking leaves along its 18-hole course.


Their goal is to prepare the course for its earliest-ever opening.


Oak Crest Golf Course Director of Golf and Operations Kevin Londo says the mild winter allows Oak Crest to shoot for an early open to the golf season.


“Having this phenomenal winter allows us to get people out here and get our workforce back on,” Londo said. “We’re hoping to open up in a couple of weeks, weather pending of course. We know that we are still in February and March, and anything can happen.”


The usual opening date is mid-April, with the earliest opening before this year being the last week of March.


Londo says starting the season early in the year can be a benefit to the course and its employees.


“We are bringing back a lot of our seasonal employees,” Londo said. “It just gives a big boost. You think of any industry, golf, skiing, you get an extended season it just helps the bottom line.”


The ground crew uses a turbine blower to pile leaves on the course. A large grounds sweeper follows behind to suck up the piles.


Oak Crest Golf assistant superintendent Dante DeBernardi says the grounds crew is working to clear the course quickly.


“We’ve never started this early,” DeBernardi said. “Once the fall time is gone, all the leaves are gone, then we can start focusing on maintaining the grass and getting the course to look like an actual golf course.”


If the weather stays cooperative, Londo says he believes the course can open before Easter.



Gideon Canice

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