F1 News: Lewis Hamilton On “Gut Feeling” Ferrari Switch Decision- “Didn’t Tell My Parents”

Lewis Hamilton revealed that it was his “gut feeling” decision to switch to Ferrari next year since he didn’t get much time to think.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, known most lately for his shocking switch to Ferrari next year, revealed that even his parents didn’t know of his decision to move to the Red team until it was announced. The seven-time world champion said that since he didn’t have much time to make a call, the decision to move on from Mercedes was purely based on gut feeling.

Lewis Hamilton surprised everyone, including his parents, with his decision to join Ferrari, which was based on a quick gut feeling rather than extensive deliberation.
The announcement on February 1 had a major impact on F1, causing a surge in Ferrari’s stock price and creating chaos in the driver market ahead of pre-season testing.
Hamilton kept his move to Ferrari a secret until the official announcement, emphasizing the rapid and personal nature of his decision to embark on a new journey in F1.

Hamilton’s February 1 announcement made a significant impact at the beginning of the month, particularly with pre-season testing looming in about three weeks. The stock price of Ferrari surged, and the Formula 1 driver market was thrown into disarray by the revelation.

Hamilton explained that he never spoke to anyone about his decision to move to the Maranello outfit until it was announced, not even his parents. Revealing on BBC podcast series ‘F1: Back at Base’, he said:

“I didn’t speak to anybody. I didn’t tell my parents till the day of it being announced. So, no one knew.

“I really wanted to do it for myself. Ultimately, I had to find out what would be the best for me.”

Describing the rapid sequence of events, the 39-year-old driver expressed enthusiasm about embarking on a new journey in F1, uncertain about the duration of his racing career. He added:

“It happened very fast and basically, I have known Fred [Fred Vasseur, Ferrari team principal] for a long time.

“And for me, I was excited for a new year, but not really knowing what the future would hold and not really knowing how long I was going to race for, but knowing that I felt super driven and excited to continue to race.

“I mean, the opportunity just popped up and I was like, ‘OK, I’ve got to think for a second’.

“I didn’t have a lot of time to think and I had to just go with my gut feeling and I decided to take the opportunity.”

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