Toto Wolff Leaked Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari Move to Media: Former Ferrari Driver Reveals in Bombshell Statement

Former Ferrari driver unveils Toto Wolff leaked Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, shocking the F1 world as Hamilton gears up for a final season with Mercedes.

Toto Wolff leaked Lewis Hamiton’s Ferrari transfer
Lewis Hamilton hadn’t shared the Ferrari move with Parents
In an unexpected twis, Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has been accused of leaking sensitive information regarding Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Scuderia Ferrari.

Toto Wolff leaked Lewis Hamiton’s Ferrari transfer
This bombshell was dropped by former Ferrari driver, Ivan Capelli, during an interview with the prestigious Italian sports daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport. According to Capelli, Wolff’s actions prematurely revealed what was supposed to be a season-defining announcement.

The departure of Hamilton from Mercedes was poised to be a strategic revelation during the mid-season. However, Capelli alleges that Wolff took it upon himself to disclose this switch to the media, disrupting planned announcements and potentially altering the dynamics of Hamilton’s transition.

“It was a trip by Toto Wolff to Hamilton and Ferrari. It burned an announcement to be made during the current season,” Capelli remarked, highlighting the unexpected breach of confidentiality.

The news of Hamilton’s departure came as a bolt from the blue, especially considering his recent contract extension with Mercedes, which was supposed to see him through to the end of the 2025 season. The contract included an exit clause, which Hamilton activated to join the ranks of Ferrari.

The news of Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari was confirmed shortly after Wolff and Hamilton had a candid conversation over coffee at the former’s home. During this meeting, Hamilton revealed his decision to race for Ferrari in 2025, catching Wolff off guard despite previous discussions about the potential for such a move.

Despite the surprise, Wolff harbored no ill feelings, emphasizing the strength of their professional journey and personal relationship. He acknowledged the uniqueness of their partnership, which has become the most successful driver-team pairing in the sport’s history.

Wolff has been at the helm of Mercedes alongside Hamilton since 2013 and has openly acknowledged the significance of Hamilton’s move, framing it as the end of an era for a partnership that has rewritten the F1 history, with an impressive tally of eight Constructors’ titles and six championships for Hamilton.

The search for Hamilton’s replacement at Mercedes has begun, with Wolff open to exploring various options. He hinted at the possibility of making a bold choice, reflecting on the team’s need to look forward and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Lewis Hamilton hadn’t shared the Ferrari move with Parents
In a surprising turn of events, it has emerged that Lewis Hamilton kept his decision to switch to Ferrari a closely guarded secret, not even sharing the monumental news with his closest family until the day of the announcement.

Speaking on the BBC podcast series ‘F1: Back at Base’, Hamilton revealed the depth of his discretion and the personal journey leading to his decision. “I didn’t speak to anybody. I didn’t tell my parents till the day of it being announced. So, no one knew, I really wanted to do it for myself. Ultimately, I had to find out what would be the best for me,” Hamilton disclosed.

Hamilton explained his Ferrari switch, “It happened very fast and basically, I have known Fred for a long time. And for me, I was excited for a new year, but not really knowing what the future would hold and not really knowing how long I was going to race for, but knowing that I felt super driven and excited to continue to race. I mean, the opportunity just popped up and I was like, ‘OK, I’ve got to think for a second’. I didn’t have a lot of time to think and I had to just go with my gut feeling and I decided to take the opportunity.”

Hamilton’s narrative reflects a broader theme of self-determination and the quest for new challenges, even as he navigates the twilight years of his storied career.

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