Winning the superbowl with the noles is as well unlikely, you can’t be welcomed back

Former FSU Football Star QB Hints at Departure From New Orleans Saints

“My goal is to be, and my desire is to be, a Super Bowl-winning starting quarterback in this league.”


Jameis Winston has been a favorite for multiple fan bases, depth charts, and coaches since before he was the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback in the 2012 class. The Hueytown, AL, native took FSU on a meteoric rise under then-head coach Jimbo Fisher, winning the Heisman Trophy and BCS National Championship in 2013.


After being selected as the No. 1 overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015, the media lambasted his NFL career despite setting rookie franchise records for passing completions and passing touchdowns while throwing for 4,032 yards.



Still, the locker room hero persevered and has become a household name for his leadership and sometimes off-the-wall antics while serving as a backup to Drew Brees and Derek Carr for the New Orleans Saints.


A recent interview with’s Saints News Network shows that the former All-American might be looking for a new home as he enters free agency this year.



“My goal is to be, and my desire is to be, a Super Bowl-winning starting quarterback in this league,” Winston said to Saints News Network’s Kyle T. Mosely. “Right now, that doesn’t look like a very clear picture with the New Orleans Saints.”


The Crescent City’s culture has not been lost on Winston during his four years in New Orleans. Still, dreams and ambitions come with a desire to move forward, and the opportunity for a lead role could bring faith, family, and football elsewhere.

“Well, what’s next with me is wherever God is and whatever he has in his will for me. I’m going to do my best to dominate the opportunity,” Winston said. “It’s such a love for this city. I just admire the individuals, and I admire the culture and the integrity that this city possesses.”


Winston has 22,104 passing yards with 141 touchdowns, adding another 1,214 rushing yards and 11 on the ground during his nine-year career in the NFL. Regardless of the stat sheets and accolades, it is truly hard to deny the character Winston will bring to wherever he lands.



“I’m always going to be an uplifting teammate, an uplifting man throughout the building; however, my heart truly desires to be starting and taking advantage of the gifts and talents that god has provided me,” Winston continued. “To be able to build a relationship with this community and to be able to inspire young kids and to be able to uplift others.”




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