Charlie Woods: Tiger Woods’ son wins high school state team championship

Tiger Woods’ teenage son Charlie Woods has won a high school state team championship – achieving something his father never managed to.


Charlie, 14, shot rounds of 78 and 76 to help his team earn its fourth state golf title as his father, a 15-time major winner, watched in Florida.


He finished fourth out of five players on his Benjamin team and 26th overall.


Tiger did not caddie for his son as he did at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf Championship last week.



While Charlie is a Florida High School Athletic Association Class A state champion, Tiger, 47, never had the opportunity to win a high school state title during his time at Western High School because the California Interscholastic Federation at that time did not hold state championships.


His father did, however, become the then-youngest US Junior Amateur at the age of 15 in 1991.


Speaking in September about his relationship with his father, Charlie said: “We just stay in our own little world.


“I’ll talk about the next tee shot, and he’s like, ‘No. This is the shot we’re going to focus on. Focus up. This is what we’re gonna do.'”


Tiger’s own competitive future remains uncertain. He is yet to commit to returning to the PGA Tour following his latest ankle surgery but plans to play in the new TGL simulator league he has co-founded with Rory McIlroy, due to start in January.



Gideon Canice

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