NBA Rumors Celtics: What are the big changes that probably happen to the team?

Despite an incredible comeback against the Miami Heat, the Celtics still fell short in the playoffs



It was a tumultuous year for the Boston Celtics, first dispensing with their former coach Ime Udoka and then falling short of their potential in the playoffs.


Ahead of the 2023 NBA season, the Celtics will expect an improvement, and to once again return to the NBA Finals, but is that realistic?


There will need to be changes for that to be the case, especially with a concerning number of contracts winding down.


With the offseason in full swing, the Celtics are being linked to a lot of players, including some blockbuster names.



With the superstar player having submitted an official trade request to the Portland Trail Blazers, Lillard is seen as officially on the market. It will take an almighty package to secure a trade for him, but Jayson Tatum is reportedly on a recruiting drive to try and persuade him to don the Green of Boston.


Whilst he has just turned 33, Lillard remains one of the best impact players in the NBA and he has been incredible in Portland. A potential sticking point could come with the fact Lillard had named the Miami Heat as his preferred destination.



Adding quality at the center position is on the agenda in Boston. Robert Williams III has elite defensive qualities, but he isn’t available often enough for a team that wants to win a chip. He is a valuable bargaining chip though, and could tempt the Indiana Pacers to let Turner go.



The guard is a talented player, but cap difficulties are a reality for the Celtics and sacrifices will need to be made. Pritchard is due an extension in a year, so it would make sense for them to move him for value now before that becomes a pressing issue, as they can’t afford to re-sign him.




Again, this is a really difficult move to make. The Celtics know that when Williams is healthy, he is as good a big-man as anyone in the NBA.


He is a powerhouse who has phenomenal defensive instincts, but if he isn’t on the court, he’s worthless to the team. Players often get frustrated at repeated injuries and could look to move themselves and work with a new fitness department at another franchise. Such a trade could well suit everyone in 2023.





Gideon Canice

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