Golf Fans Are Loving Video Of Tiger, Charlie Woods Playing

Tiger Woods isn’t done appearing in major championships just yet. When that time eventually comes for the legendary golfer, his son, Charlie, might just continue his legacy.


It’s been known for the past few months that Charlie is getting more involved in the sport of golf. Back in August, he dominated a local US Kids Golf event in Florida by shooting a 3-under 33 in nine holes to win by five strokes.


Charlie has a long way to go before he can reach rockstar status like his father, but the 11-year-old prodigy is showing some serious signs of being a player on the PGA Tour when he’s older.


On Thursday, a video of Tiger and Charlie taking swings together on the range went viral. It’s almost scary how identical their swings are.


Like father, like son.


Similar to Tiger, you can see that Charlie drops his right arm toward the end of his swing while he watches where his ball lands. Additionally, they have the same pose on their follow-through.


Unsurprisingly, the golf world is freaking out over this video. People are already talking about Charlie potentially winning himself a green jacket at Augusta National someday.


The spotlight will be on Charlie for the next few years, especially as his game improves over time. However, the Woods family has shown in the past they can handle pressure.



Gideon Canice

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