Tiger Woods And Tom Brady Still Friends? Exploring Their Fractured Relationship

Like all relationships, friendships are also vulnerable. It is equally possible for both interpersonal and external factors to act against the bond. Maybe that is what happened between Tiger Woods and his once-close friend, Tom Brady.



The duo was bonded closely until their ex-romantic partners had an altercation of sorts, and they eventually fell apart. But years later, do they both still share a fractured relationship, or have they been able to turn the stars right on their friendship?



It all started with a failed double date. Rolling the reels of celebrity history back to the time when Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen and Tiger Woods’s then-girlfriend Erica Herman did not have the smoothest of times getting along.  But it wasn’t just Herman that Bündchen had a seemingly controversial interaction with.


The ex-star wife and famous former Victoria’s Secrets Angel also “intimidated” another one of Woods’s girlfriends. That was Lindsey Vonn, the 82-time PGAT winner’s “least problematic” partner. However, now that both of these sensations from the NFL world and the golf world have separated from all three of these rather famous ex-partners, it is being questioned if they have rekindled their bond and repaired the damages this caused.



Well, to the sports world’s relief, the short answer to this is maybe. Even though the once close-knitted duo is now out of their respective relationships, they have still not been spotted together at any public places, despite Brady and Woods’s return to the golf course for some time now.




However, like all situations, this one also has another side to it. Considering the fact that they are confirmed to be spotted together at an upcoming event, it can be said that they might be back to being buddies after years of separation. But which event is going to be the seal to their long-ongoing bond’s revival?



Sharing the field with Tom Brady, it will be interesting to see where these two giants stand after their respective breakups, friendship-wise. However, it is expected that things between the duo will likely go well, owing to their shared keen professionalism.



Gideon Canice

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