Brady and Woods’ friendship may have a new shot. Where will the former best friends be spotted again?

The friendship between the two greats of the sport cooled due to disagreements between their ex-partners.



It has been one of the best-known and most celebrated friendships in the world of sports. Former quarterback Tom Brady and golfer Tiger Woods shared a friendly bond that was suddenly severed, and many wonder if it will ever resurface.


There was a time when the relationship between Brady and Woods transcended the front pages of newspapers and even included those who were then their partners: the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, now Brady’s ex-wife, and Erica Herman and Lindsey Vonn, Woods’ ex-girlfriends.



However, the athletes’ attempt to get their partners to get along did not turn out the way they would have wanted. Sources close to both told Essentially Sports that Gisele and Lindsey never managed to get along.


As if that were not enough, an attempted double date went wrong due to the lack of harmony between Bündchen and Herman. This was the last straw for Tom and Tiger’s friendship, although there was no public breakup, the relationship cooled, and they went their separate ways.



As the years went by, both athletes ended up separating from their partners. More than a year ago, Tom divorced Gisele, and Woods has not dated Herman for two years and even has an ongoing legal battle with her.


The high-profile separations have made fans and the press raise hopes that both athletes can rekindle their friendship. They have not yet been seen together, and there have been no signs on their respective social media, but speculation has not taken long to arise.


Brady’s love of golf is well documented. The former New England Patriots star is a regular visitor to golf courses and also usually competes in Pro-Am and celebrity tournaments. In fact, this Monday he will start a new tournament, where Woods will also participate.



This year will be Woods’ first participation in the exclusive Seminole Pro-Member. The GOAT of golf will team up with PGAof America CEO Seth Waugh in what will also be his return to the courses after a health problem that forced him to withdraw from the Genesis Invitational.


The NFL GOAT, for his part, is scheduled to compete alongside the winner of the last Mexico Open, Tony Finau. Although very exclusive, the tournament is highly competitive, to the point that some dub it “the first major of the year.”


This will be the first time that Brady and Woods will cross paths since their respective separations and will surely be one of the most discussed topics, aside of the results of the tournament. As professionals, cordial treatment is expected from both parties; the truly interesting thing will be to know if this will be a new beginning for an old friendship.



Gideon Canice

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