Jamaica Hosts Historic Darts Event: Caribbean Cup & PDC Qualifiers Unite

Jamaica Hosts Historic Darts Event: Caribbean Cup & PDC Qualifiers Unite


Jamaica is poised to become the heart of darts in Latin America and the Caribbean with the upcoming Caribbean Cup Darts Championship and Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) qualifiers. This significant event, taking place at the Montego Bay Convention Centre from July 19 to 29, marks a pivotal moment in darts history, particularly for the region. With Jamaica’s storied success in the tournament’s early years, anticipation is high for a triumphant return to glory.



The Caribbean Cup, absent since 2018 due to various challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, represents not just a competition but a resurgence of regional darts. Under the guidance of the Jamaica Darts Association (JDA) and with the tireless efforts of Evon Faulkner, tournament director, this year’s event promises an intense showdown among top Caribbean teams and a chance for Jamaica to reclaim its historic dominance. Furthermore, the inclusion of the PDC qualifiers introduces a global dimension, offering players from Latin America and the Caribbean a shot at international acclaim.




Choosing the Montego Bay Convention Centre as the venue underscores Jamaica’s commitment to elevating the profile of darts within the region and leveraging sports tourism. The local organizing committee, buoyed by positive feedback from CDC officials Jeff Good and Peter Citera, aims to draw in spectators and participants from around the world. The support of the Jamaica Tourist Board and the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry is seen as crucial in maximizing the event’s impact on local tourism and the broader community.



The dual nature of this event, combining the Caribbean Cup and PDC qualifiers, sets the stage for a unique blend of local pride and global aspirations. As teams from major Caribbean countries and Latin American nations converge on Montego Bay, the spirit of competition will be matched only by the camaraderie among players. For Jamaica, hosting this event is more than just a chance to win; it’s an opportunity to showcase the island’s capability as a premier sports tourism destination and a leader in the sport of darts.


As the Caribbean Cup and PDC qualifiers draw near, the excitement among players, officials, and fans is palpable. This historic event not only signifies a return to form for Caribbean darts but also a stepping stone towards greater global recognition for the sport. With Jamaica at the helm, the future of darts in the region looks brighter than ever.




Gideon Canice

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