Vasseur reveals the EXTRA value Hamilton will bring to Ferrari

Fred Vasseur has claimed that Lewis Hamilton will bring a different approach to a Ferrari team in need of a shake-up.


Hamilton will head to the Italian team at the end of the season after more than a decade with Mercedes, where he has won six of his seven world titles.


It means a pairing of one of the most successful drivers of all time and the most iconic, successful Formula 1 team on the grid.


The move has stunned the F1 world, and will spark a chain reaction of driver moves in what’s expected to be a chaotic ‘silly season’.



Now, at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, Vasseur has been talking about his team’s capture of the seven-time world champion’s services.


He believes that the Brit can be the difference for an outfit that haven’t won a world championship since 2008.


“What he will bring is that he’s the only seven-time champion on the grid today, he will come not only with the speed in the car and the technical approach but he will bring a different vision of the team, it’s important for me to have a mix of culture,” Vasseur told Sky Sports.


“He will come with this experience and for sure it’s an added value and we’ll take advantage.


“It’s always an advantage to know the guys in the team and have the relationship. You build up a different relationship when you have a driver who is 18 than when you’re a world champion, and I think it’s probably an advantage.”



Gideon Canice

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