Epic Standoffs and Dramatic Ties: Highlights from National Double In/Out Darts League Showdown

Epic Standoffs and Dramatic Ties: Highlights from National Double In/Out Darts League Showdown


In the heart of Port-of-Spain, the Kosmos Members Club became the arena for an electrifying Match-day four of the National Double In/Out Darts League on February 27. Teams clashed in a display of skill, strategy, and resilience, marking another thrilling chapter in this competitive season.



One of the night’s most anticipated matches saw D.O.G.S. and Jus For Fun battle to a dramatic 5-5 tie, showcasing the depth of talent and competitive spirit within the league. Meanwhile, in A division action, James Walk­lin’s exceptional performance, culminating in a stunning 105 checkout, propelled E-Z Lines to a dominant 9-1 victory over Pub House Pirates. Walklin’s form signals his readiness for the upcoming Caribbean Darts Cup defense in Jamaica this July, further solidifying his status as a key player to watch.


In the B division, the leaderboard saw significant shifts. Bullz I reclaimed the top spot after a crucial victory against CB Shooters, demonstrating the intense competition and fluid dynamics of the league standings. The Scorpions’ experience shone brightly as they secured a comfortable win over Random Squad, while Shanghai Bulls fought hard to overcome early challenges against Top Shot, eventually securing a decisive win.



These Match-day four outcomes have not only reshuffled the standings but also intensified the race for the title in both divisions. With every team eyeing the coveted top spot and the prospect of promotion, the league is setting the stage for a fiercely contested remainder of the season. The national team’s preparation in the mix adds another layer of excitement, as players vie for spots and aim to sharpen their skills ahead of international competition.


Looking ahead, the upcoming fixtures promise more thrilling action, with Pub House Pirates set to face Jus For Fun in a potentially season-defining clash. Similarly, in the B division, the showdown between Bullz I and Shanghai Bulls will be a critical encounter, with both teams looking to solidify their positions at the top of the table.


 In/Out Darts League progresses, the enthusiasm and support from fans continue to grow. The Kosmos Members Club, the league’s proud home, invites spectators to witness the unfolding drama firsthand, offering a vibrant atmosphere for experiencing the sport’s excitement. The community’s engagement and the athletes’ dedication are driving the league’s success, promising an unforgettable season.


With the stakes higher than ever and the competition fiercer, the league is a testament to the thriving darts scene in Trinidad and Tobago. As teams and players gear up for the upcoming matches, the anticipation and excitement among fans and competitors alike are palpable, setting the stage for more memorable moments in this compelling sporting saga.



Gideon Canice

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