Tiger Woods debuts at Seminole Pro-Member; Notable Winners Revealed

Tiger Woods participated in the Seminole Pro-Member event for the first time, teaming up with PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh and finishing with a better ball score of 70 and net 67. Woods concluded outside the top 10 in both divisions, with Mackenzie Hughes and Frank Edwards emerging victorious with a gross score of 64. Woods had his first taste of this exclusive event after living in the Palm Beach area for over a decade.



The Seminole Pro-Member event gathers notable golfers and influential figures, offering a prestigious platform for professionals and amateurs to compete together.


By the NumbersMackenzie Hughes and Frank Edwards won the gross division with a score of 64.Erik van Rooyen and John Pinkham secured the low net score victory with a score of 62.State of PlayEckroat won with a final-round 67, prevailing over Van Rooyen and Min Woo Lee.Woods and Waugh finished T44 in the gross competition and T33 in net, marking Woods’ debut at the event despite living nearby for years.What’s Next


Future editions of the Seminole Pro-Member are likely to continue attracting top golfers and significant personalities, maintaining its status as a distinguished tournament within the golfing community.



Tiger Woods made his Seminole Pro-Member debut with a respectable performance, highlighting the event’s exclusivity and competitive atmosphere among elite golfers and influential participants.


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The struggle between LIV Golf and the OWGR underscores challenges in integrating distinct tournament formats and player fields into the broader golf ranking system.


By the NumbersCameron Smith dropped from 2 to 50 in the OWGR.Phil Mickelson fell from 72 to 147.State of PlayOWGR points denial to LIV Golf, reflecting issues blending LIV events with existing tours.56 players have seen ranking declines since joining LIV Golf, with only six staying unchanged.Jon Rahm remains the highest-ranked LIV player at No. 3.LIV’s Hong Kong debut at Hong Kong Golf Club is set for March 8-10.Bottom Line


The withdrawal of the OWGR application by LIV Golf marks a decisive end to the ranking saga, highlighting the complexities of meshing new golf circuits with established systems and emphasizing the impact of these ranking shifts on players’ career trajectories.




The LIV Golf saga around Official World Golf Ranking points has concluded, with the league withdrawing its application after a two-year battle. Players have experienced significant drops in rankings since joining LIV Golf, posing risks to their future major championship opportunities.



Canadian golfer Ben Silverman’s improving play on the PGA Tour, with three top-25 finishes in five tournaments, is attributed to his dedication and focus on speed training and refining his ball-striking. Working with instructor Jeff Leishman and sports biomechanics professor Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, Silverman’s emphasis on increasing ball speed, alongside precise ball-striking, has led to notable improvements. Despite not being among the longest hitters, his strategic equipment choices and exceptional putting skills have contributed to his overall strong performance.



The story demonstrates how a golfer’s commitment to specific training and technical enhancements can lead to significant improvements in performance, even without being the longest hitter on the tour.


By the NumbersSilverman’s ball speed has increased by six m.p.h.He is ranked 149th in driving distance at 289.4 yardsYes, But


Despite the focus on speed training and technical improvements, Silverman faced challenges with his putting in a recent tournament, highlighting the need for a balanced skill set in golf.


State of PlaySilverman’s improved performance has placed him in contention for potential qualification for the International Team in September’s Presidents Cup and the Olympics in Paris this summer.His progress is being noticed by fellow Canadian golfers and officials, indicating a rising profile in the golfing world.What’s Next


With Silverman’s ongoing improvements and rising profile, it’s likely that he will continue to be a notable contender in upcoming tournaments and could secure qualification for prestigious events like the Presidents Cup and the Olympics.


Ben Silverman’s dedication to speed training, technical refinement, and strategic equipment choices has positioned him as a strong and evolving force on the PGA Tour, with the potential for even greater achievements in the near future.




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