Simon Whitlock rushes off UK Open darts stage for toilet – and fans create genius song

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An all-Aussie clash between World Cup-winning team-mates Simon Whitlock and Damon Heta ended in victory for the latter, but not before The Wizard rushed off stage for an unscheduled loo break



Simon Whitlock desperately rushed off the darts stage for a toilet break in stunning scenes at the UK Open.


Whitlock faced his PDC World Cup of Darts partner Damon Heta on Friday in a closely-fought match. Australia’s finest throwers traded turns being in the lead before Heta clinched a 10-8 win over Whitlock to reach the fifth round.


The Wizard was seemingly all out of tricks at 9-8 as he suddenly approached the referee with a concerned look on his face and urgently left the stage. He could be heard saying: “I’m gonna burst. I’ve got to go.”



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And the commentators promptly revealed the 2012 European Champion had scurried off for an unscheduled toilet break. They said: “I was just talking about the respect between these two, so I don’t think there’s any skulduggery involved here. I think Simon Whitlock really does need to go to the loo!”


In bizarre scenes to anyone tuning in, Heta was left standing alone on the oche mid leg. Whitlock returned a few minutes later only to be greeted with hilarious chants from the crowd, who sang: “Simon Whitlock, he s***s when he wants.”




Gideon Canice

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