Tiger Woods Had A Heartbreaking Reaction To His Caddie Subtly Telling Him On The Green That Kobe Bryant Had Passed Away

Tiger Woods was deeply shaken by Kobe’s passing, expressing sadness and shock at the tragic news. Kobe and Tiger bonded over their mental preparation and dedication to their craft, connecting on a personal level. Woods admired Kobe’s well-rounded game on the court, highlighting his offensive prowess and defensive tenacity.



Kobe Bryant’s passing is regarded as one of the darkest days in pro sports history. Since his passing, problems persisted for Vanessa Bryant. She faced an unexpected lawsuit against her mother-in-law, who demanded ‘unpaid’ hours for her time as a nanny. In addition, Vanessa posted a tribute to Kobe and Gianna after reaching a settlement against the L.A County for $16 million.


Tiger Woods was also among the major names in sports that were stunned by Kobe’s passing. In the following, we’re going to take a look at Tiger’s live reaction following the news of Kobe’s passing. In addition, we’ll reveal the way Tiger and Kobe bonded, and Woods’ thoughts on Bryant’s remarkable career on the court.



Walking on the green alongside his caddie, Tiger Woods responds, “excuse me,” after he’s told the news about Kobe Bryant’s passing. After signing autographs, Woods was asked about the situation, and as expected, the golfer was shaken up. He was stunned to learn of Kobe Bryant’s death.


“It’s one of the most shocking, tragic days that I’ve ever been a part of in a very quick span here,” Woods said.


Woods continued on, stating he couldn’t understand why fans were mentioning Kobe while he was on the green.


“I didn’t understand why they were yelling, ‘Do it for Mamba,’ on the back nine,” Woods said of a nickname for Bryant. “People yell things all the time, so I was just plodding along, doing my own thing. Then when Joey told me that here. … It’s unbelievable, the reality that he’s no longer with us.”




Although the two were masters of their craft, they connected in a different way. Behind the scenes, the two bonded on the mental side of things, especially their preparation.



While Woods lived in Newport Beach, he was able to connect with Kobe Bryant. Sadly, once the golfer moved to Florida, the interactions between the two lessened. For Tiger, he loved hearing about the little details that went into Kobe’s game to make him one of the best ever.


“We really connected on more the mental side of it … how much it takes to be prepared,” Woods said. “For me, I don’t have to react like he does in my sport, we can take our time. But you’ve still got to pay attention to the details and that’s what he did better than probably any other player in NBA history.”



“That’s where he and I really connected because we’re very similar,” Woods said. “He came in the league and I turned pro right around the same time and we had our 20-year run together. It’s shocking.”



Tiger commented on Kobe’s game and what he loved most was how well-rounded the late star truly was. Not only did he bring it offensively, but the same held true when he was chasing the ball defensively.



“What made him so impressive is that he was dominant on the offensive side … We all know that,” Woods said. “But he would lock up on D. He played their best guard and shut ’em down for all 48 minutes. That’s what made him so special — he played both ends of the court. There are maybe two guys, three guys in the entire NBA history that you can say that, that would do that. He was up for that challenge. “And one of the more impressive things that I’ve ever witnessed is when he ruptured his Achilles, and he went to the foul line, made his shots. Ultimate toughness, ultimate competitor.”


Once again, Tiger was impressed by the many hours Kobe took to perfect his game.


“The amount of hours he spent in the gym in the offseason and during the summers to work on shots and do all the different things, it looked like it came natural to him on the court during game time, but he spent more hours looking at film and trying to figure out what’s the best way to become better. That’s where he and I really connected because we’re very similar.”



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