Sammie defies the odds with Wick darts singles triumph

Sammie Campbell of Smiddy “4” defied the odds as she became the first female winner of the Division Two singles competition in Wick and District Darts League.


The 21-year-old took out Chris Scott in the final with a last-leg decider, having previously beaten Skye Blackwell (3-0), Steven Crawford (3-2) and Adam Green (3-1).


This is the second title for Sammie. While part of the youth set-up she won the Karen Burke memorial event.


In Division One competition, Castletown Poachers’ Willie Plank showed his resourcefulness after homing in on missed darts at the double by Marc Macgregor.


Last 16: Willie Plank 3, Ryan Campbell (Smiddy “2”) 2; Saulius Kazakauskas 3, David Taylor 2; Kevin Macgregor 3, Willie McLean 2; Michael Sinclair 3, Jordan Oag 2; Aidan Sutherland 3, Liam Miller 1; Kevin Donald 3, Logan Moodie 2; Ryan Campbell 3, Danny Hughes 1; Marc Macgregor 3, Steven Nicolson 1.



Quarter-finals: Willie Plank (Castletown Poachers) 3, Saulius Kazakauskas (Norseman) 0; Kevin Macgregor (Seaview) 3, Michael Sinclair (Smiddy “3”) 0; Aidan Sutherland (Norseman) 3, Kevin Donald (Castletown Poachers) 1; Marc Macgregor (Seaview) 3, Ryan Campbell (Seaforth) 0.


Semi-finals: Willie Plank 3, Kevin Macgregor 0; Marc Macgregor 3, Aidan Sutherland 2. Final: Willie Plank 3, Marc Macgregor 2.


Maximums: Marc Macgregor x4, Kevin Macgregor x2, Aidan Sutherland x2, Willie Plank x2, Willie McLean, Logan Moodie, Danny Hughes, Kevin Donald, Ryan Campbell (Smiddy “2”), 1 each.


Shortest leg: Ryan Campbell (Smiddy “2”), 14 darts. Best combination: Marc Macgregor, 15, 15, 16 darts.


Ton-plus checkouts: Kevin Macgregor, 115; Marc Macgregor, 103; Sammie Campbell, 140 x4.


Maximums table: Ryan Campbell (Smiddy “2”), 12; Marc Macgregor (Seaview), 12; Aidan Sutherland (Norseman), 11; Ryan Campbell (Seaforth), 10; Jordan Oag (Smiddy “2”), 10; Logan Moodie (Smiddy “3”), 6; Willie McLean (Norseman), 6.



Gideon Canice

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