F1 News: Former Champion Makes Big Claim About Lewis Hamilton Ferrari Move

Mika Hakkinen suggested that Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari will be challenging in many ways.



Former Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen has said that Lewis Hamilton’s big switch to Ferrari next year won’t be all rosy and “straightforward”. He highlighted the major changes the transition would bring to the seven-time-world champion, alongside a potent teammate like Charles Leclerc, who has been with Ferrari since 2019. 


Hamilton’s decision to switch to the Maranello outfit has less than a year to materialize. The move comes after spending nearly a decade with Mercedes, where he won six titles to his name.


Nevertheless, as he aims to increase his championship count, it’s noteworthy that Ferrari hasn’t clinched a single driver’s championship since 2007 when Kimi Raikkonen secured the title. Speaking to PlanetF1.com, Hakkinen said:


“I can see that he wants to win, of course, like everybody else wants to win.


“I think he probably experienced that, with the Mercedes, maybe he thinks the Mercedes isn’t able to give him a car where he can win.


“Probably he’s seeing the opportunity that, with Ferrari, they can bring him a car where he can win.


“But it’s quite a big change for him, because he’s been in a British team – let’s call it this way – for so many, many years.


“To now change to an Italian team, where he doesn’t have experience, it can be quite a big change for him – to understand the philosophy, and how they work.


“This has nothing to say they don’t work well or they don’t do the right thing, but it’s a big change.”



Speaking further on Hamilton’s chances of winning another title, Hakkinen says it all depends on Ferrari’s title contender. He added:


“If they’re able to build the car and fix the problems that they have, then there is a possibility.”



Adding on how Hamilton’s Ferrari shift opens opportunities for other drivers, Hakkinen said:


“For the moment where he’s in his career, it must be very exciting and motivating for him to continue with this great sport.


“I think it opens up opportunities to other drivers, too, this year is a big year because so many contracts are finishing and there’s going to be a lot of changes.”



However, with Leclerc greeting him at Ferrari’s doorstep, the former world champion says racing for wins with Ferrari won’t be “straightforward” for Hamilton. He said:


“You have Charles Leclerc over there, and he has been with the team for a long time.


“He’s a very talented young driver and the car is tailor-made for him. So it’s not going to be so straightforward, in my opinion.”


Hakkinen suggests that Hamilton’s move to Ferrari follows his accomplishment of everything with Mercedes. Now though, he might seek to recreate that sensation by clinching victories with Ferrari. He added:


“I think it’s purely to have a change.


“He’s been at Mercedes for so long, and he has achieved everything with Mercedes – they have reached the pinnacle of results.


“I think he wants to now go to another team and try to find the same type of journey, and that, one day, they can become winners. But it’s all about people. It’s not about wishbones or uprights or wings, it’s about the people.”



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