When can Charlie Woods qualify for the PGA Championship? Exploring the young golfer’s path to future major

Charlie Woods, legendary golfer Tiger Woods’ 14-year-old boy, is still competing in junior events. He will then compete at the amateur level before moving on to professional competitions. The teenager might turn pro in five to six years and then need to qualify for the PGA Tour to compete in the PGA Championship.


Charlie Woods will not be competing in any major professional events anytime soon. He could attend the event in eight to nine years, most likely in 2032-33.


Charlie Woods is a fantastic golfer. He had competed in front of cameras in the PNC Championship three times with his father Tiger Woods, finishing second once. The duo will very certainly play in the tournament again this year. It is traditionally held in December.



Tiger Woods, on the other hand, has been struggling with his game recently owing to injury. Following ankle surgery this month, he was officially ruled out of the 2023 PGA Championship.


The second major of the year is quickly approaching, but Tiger and Charlie Woods will not be on the course. The 15-time major champion will miss the event and will relax, therefore Charlie will not be there to support his father.



The PGA Championship is designed specifically for top-level professional golfers, and there are certain criteria that must be met in order to compete in the tournament. This week at Oak Hills, 156 players have qualified for the 2023 event.



Winning a major event comes with numerous awards, one of which allows the player to compete in all major tournaments for five years and a lifetime exemption for the one in which they won.


All the last five years’ major event winners, including The Masters, The Open Championship, and The US Open, are eligible to compete in the 2023 PGA Championship.




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