F1 News: Expert Warns Lewis Hamilton Of Distraction Ahead Of Ferrari Entry

The seven-time world champion might find it hard to focus in his last year with Mercedes.


Former F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella has warned Lewis Hamilton that his final season with Mercedes may prove distracting, as the anticipation of racing for Ferrari next year could overshadow his focus during the current season.


Giancarlo Fisichella warns Lewis Hamilton about potential distractions in his final season with Mercedes, given the anticipation of his move to Ferrari next year.Stressing the significance of Hamilton’s last season with Mercedes, Fisichella highlights the emotional and psychological shift brought about by his departure from the team where he won six Drivers’ titles.Fisichella advises Hamilton to maintain focus and concentration race by race, despite the impending team change, to ensure maximum effort and performance.


Fisichella stressed the significance of Hamilton’s last season with Mercedes, especially in light of his impending move to Ferrari in 2025. Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes, where he secured six of his seven Drivers’ titles, signifies a significant emotional and psychological shift. With 22 Grands Prix left before his transition to Ferrari, Hamilton must focus on making the most of his remaining time with Mercedes.


Having raced for seven different teams over a span of thirteen years, including Ferrari, Fisichella understands the mental state of a driver moving to another team. He warns that Hamilton might face distractions while competing for Mercedes this year.



His assessment may not seem untrue after considering his performance during the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he finished P7, trailing two positions behind his teammate George Russell, who secured P5.


Speaking about Hamilton’s possible distraction ahead of his Ferrari switch next year and offering the best possible solution to the situation, Fisichella said:


“Having agreed to swap teams at the end of the season, it is a bit strange already knowing that you will be with another team.It will be a bit of a distraction for Hamilton but he knows what he needs to do.


“He needs to concentrate race by race and put in maximum effort while having maximum concentration and that’s it.”



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