Lewis Hamilton’s Father Gets Emotional as He Sends Cathartic Message on Both Sons: “Hope That They’re Going to Grow Up Into Decent Human Beings”

Lewis Hamilton is rightly regarded as one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers to ever grace the sport. However, with a humble family background, it wouldn’t have been possible for Lewis to even dream about pursuing a career in racing if it wasn’t for the sacrifices made by his father, Anthony Hamilton. Anthony’s dedication to supporting Lewis’s early ventures into motorsport is well-known, as he took on multiple jobs to finance his son’s budding racing career, even before Lewis was signed by McLaren at the tender age of 11. In a recent interview, Anthony became emotional as he spoke about the pride he feels for Lewis and his second son Nicolas Hamilton, and the person they have grown up to be.


Nicolas Hamilton, the half-brother of the Mercedes star driver, shares more than just a last name with his famous sibling. Despite facing significant challenges early in life, Nicolas has forged his own path in the world of motorsport. Born with cerebral palsy due to a premature birth, Nicolas spent much of his childhood in a wheelchair. However, with the support of his family, he underwent numerous surgeries and intensive physiotherapy to overcome his physical limitations. This resilience laid the foundation for his journey into racing.


While Anthony served as the manager for Lewis Hamilton in his early days in Formula 1, their professional collaboration hit a rough patch in 2010 when Anthony parted ways as Lewis’ manager, leading to a breakdown in communication between father and son. Since then, Lewis not only went on to become statistically the greatest driver of all time, but he has also become a good human being, evidenced by his efforts to solve major issues plaguing our modern society.


In 2022, Lewis made a symbolic gesture to honor his mother, Carmen Larbalestier, by announcing his decision to adopt her maiden name, Larbalestier, alongside his own. This gesture reflects Lewis’s deep appreciation for his family and their role in shaping his identity and success. Both Anthony and Carmen have been present for significant moments in Lewis’s career, including his knighthood ceremony in December 2021, where he was honored for his outstanding achievements in Formula 1. Carmen proudly stood by her son’s side as he received this prestigious accolade.



Lewis’ achievements both on and off the track have left his father filled with pride. In a recent statement, Anthony opened up about his feelings for his sons. “He’s [Lewis] amazing,“ said Anthony. “I remember when Lewis was six years of age, messing about with remote control cars around the back of our house. You always just hope that they’re going to grow up decent human beings, become decent individuals. And that for me is the proudest thing. He’s a phenomenal, phenomenal individual. Both him and my other son, Nicolas. Probably two of the most amazing people I know. And hopefully, they’re inspirational for others.”


Anthony Hamilton also spoke about Lewis’ recent move to switch to Ferrari in 2025, and when he got to know about it.


Lewis Hamilton didn’t tell his parents about the Ferrari move until the very end

Lewis’ move to Ferrari was something no one saw coming. What made this move even more surprising was the secrecy surrounding it, especially within Lewis’ own family. According to his father, Lewis didn’t even let his family know about his plans to switch teams.


In an exclusive with Viaplay, Anthony revealed, “The thing is, it’s his business. I always have an inkling that I know what’s going on, but it’s his deal and it was his decision… It’s one of those things that when you’re a young kid, you always dream of racing for Ferrari. And we love all of the past teams, McLaren and Mercedes, but it’s the ultimate dream to be in a red car.”

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