Between Littler and Humphrey; Littler hits another stunning nine-darter!

just play my darts and get on with it

We’ll leave you with the words of the winner on THAT latest nine-darter and winning his maiden European Tour title at the first attempt:


“I’m just glad to get over the line.


“I lost the two legs after I hit the nine so I’m relieved to get the win.


“It’s always good to be involved in a good game; me and Rob have battles and we bring the best out of each other.


“I’m really happy to hit a nine-darter, I prefer 144 to 141 to finish a nine because when the first treble 20 goes in I’m confident of following it with another.


“I know the spotlight is on me because I’ve done so well but I just play my darts and get on with it. I just do what I do.”

Gideon Canice

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