Judgement shouldn’t be based on a video without an audio. Proper investigation should have been put in place before his suspension as it could cost him his whole career.

The video that has gone viral online shows a man attacking another during an amateur match. 


Reports claim Smith-Neale, who is the world No82, is the player in the video.


The Darts Regulation Authority have released a statement confirming he has been suspended amid the allegations.


It read: “On 12th March 2024 Nigel Mawer the DRA Chairman took the decision to suspend Adam Smith-Neale from attending or competing in DRA sanctioned events.


“This relates to an allegation that he assaulted another player at the end of his match in an amateur event in Nuneaton played on 9th March 2024.



“He has the right to appeal the suspension decision and he will face a disciplinary hearing at a date to be arranged.”


In the video, Smith-Neale’s opponent won and then outstretched his arm for a handshake but instead felt the full force of Smith-Neale’s fist.


The shocked player appeared unhurt as he walked back to the board to collect his darts and made a gesture towards him.


Smith-Neale then tried to go back at his rival – only for a man to step in and push him against the wall.


 Littler reveals ‘Peter Manley’ attempt was reason rival squared up to him


Security cameras at the venue in Warwickshire on Saturday night captured the disgraceful scenes.


Meanwhile, the National League clash between Southend and Dagenham & Redbridge was on the TV in the background.


Those who hold a PDC Tour Card are covered by the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) for all darting activity and must behave in an appropriate manner whenever they play, whatever the level.


Fans have slammed Smith-Neale, with one saying: “Terrible attitude, he’ll also now have his tour card taken away and rightly so.


Between 2010 and 2018, Smith-Neale had a PDC Tour Card but never managed to do enough to qualify for an appearance at Ally Pally.


The Coventry-born thrower twice lost in the early rounds of the BDO World Championships, once at Lakeside in 2019 and then the year later at the O2 Indigo Club.


But his career highlight came when he won the £25,000 Winmau World Masters in 2018, beating Glen Durrant in the final 


He told Sporting Life back in January 2023: “In all the time I’ve been involved in the sport, I’ve never known anyone as universally unpopular among the darting fraternity as Adam Smith-Neale.


“And that’s saying something considering some of the competition for that honour.


“He’s got a tarnished reputation to put it mildly for how he’s behaved away from the oche and now he has the opportunity to try and repair it.


“However, there’s a target on his back and when he’s in action on the Pro Tour, a lot of players will want to take him out and shut him up.


“The fans don’t like him and even set up a petition to take away his Tour Card. I can’t ever remember that happening to anyone else.


“When he played at the Lakeside on crutches with a broken leg a few years ago, a lot of players were laughing because he was the one who once jumped on Simon Whitlock and damaged his ankle. It hasn’t been the same since.


“Don’t get me wrong, The Big Dog is an excellent player with a lot of confidence but he’s got a reputation to repair and two years to do it.


“He must conduct himself well because when more players find out about what he’s done to others in the past they’ll want to stamp on him. Dart players stick up for each other like family.”



Gideon Canice

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