Dart players from this and neighbouring parishes will be delighted to know that they will have the opportunity to play their sport in a competitive environment in the Castleisland area from next week on.

Run in a league format it will be played over 12 weeks starting on March 22nd in Browne’s Bar.


“For this season we’re calling it the Spring Series and three town pubs: Browne’s Bar; The Crown and The Kingdom / Fountain Bar will host us and the host will be drawn on opening night,” said spokesman, Damir Žgela.


Each night will have its own winner and, aside from that, an order of merit will be created so that we will have a final night on Jun1 14th for the top 12 or top 16 based on the total number of entries.


“We play on five boards at a time and can accommodate up to 40 players.


Everyone is welcome. Entry fee is €10 per player per night and payouts will be made to winner, finalist, semifinalists, highest checkout and most tons scores.


“We’re sponsored by those three pubs plus we have: Everlasting Memorials; Dan Maunsell Plastering and Mr. Darts on our sponsors list.


“We’ll be using app for scoring so that we can do live streams on our Facebook page.


On opening night at Browne’s Bar Mr. Darts will setup his stand with accessories for players and visitors,” Damir adde


Tournaments will start at 7.30pm each Friday and participations are capped at 40 players and will be played in group stageand knockout format.


Games will be decided on the first to two legs all the way until the semi-finals when it ill change up to first to three and the finals will be a first to four.


“After having 25 local players for last season and a winner in Daithí O’Leary – we’re hoping to be full each night.


“After lock-down, there wasn’t much darts activity in town which was surprising to me based on the fact that on Main Street there were pubs with room for darts.


Last winter, after a tournament in the Kingdom House Bar, talks started that we should do something about darts as, back in the day, Castleisland was a most popular place for darts in Kerry.


“Since I’ve always had some ambition to run darts leagues, tournaments and events in general, I’ve asked players if they would agree that we should start something local.



“With their approval and great help, we made the Summer Series 2023 with 12 players in the first tournament.


After the winter break and more focus on a team league, we decided that its time to repeat it but on a bigger scale.


“I wouldn’t be surprised that after five or six weeks we will have to have two venues per night because interest at the moment is huge.


“Also I’d like to say that on a good night there could be six to eight players who could be tournament favourites.


“The most consistent ones I think are: Daithí O’Leary, Mortimer and Jonathan Downey along with Kerry darts veteran Mike Begley and Kevin Cotter,” Damir concluded.



Gideon Canice

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