Anthony Hamilton claims that Lewis Hamilton’s transfer to Ferrari for $430 million was a dream he had for a long time.

The transfer of Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari in the 2024 Formula 1 season marked a significant moment in the sport’s history. The seven-time world champion, who previously raced for Mercedes, used the exit clause in his recently renewed contract to make the move. This decision materialized as the realization of Hamilton’s childhood dream to join the prestigious Scuderia Ferrari team. Interestingly, his father, Anthony Hamilton, revealed that this dream was shared by both, as driving for Ferrari is a childhood dream for many.

The partnership between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari has immense potential, considering his status as the most successful driver in Formula 1 and Ferrari’s reputation as the most successful constructor in the sport. Together, they aim to achieve great feats. Hamilton is determined to win his eighth world title, while Ferrari is eager to secure their first championship since 2007.

Throughout their history, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, a two-time world champion, had a tumultuous relationship. Their time as teammates at McLaren was marked by conflicts, both on and off the track, resulting in several memorable and controversial moments in Formula 1.

After the announcement of Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, several Formula 1 drivers were asked about their opinions on the matter. A driver from Aston Martin subtly jabbed at Hamilton’s statement that joining Ferrari was a dream come true, reminding him that his aspirations were different the year before. In response, Anthony Hamilton emphasized that the decision to join Ferrari was solely Lewis’s, highlighting his son’s personal and commercial interests. Ultimately, Ferrari presented him with a tempting opportunity to pursue his personal projects.

In summary, Lewis Hamilton’s transfer to Ferrari fulfills a lifelong dream for both him and his father. This move holds great promise for both Hamilton and Ferrari as they strive to achieve their respective goals in Formula 1. The decision was made independently by Hamilton, despite previous conflicts with other drivers. It is clear that this change is aligned with his personal and professional interests.

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