Dr. J flying through the Rucker…….where does he rank amongst the great dunkers ⁉️

Dr. J flying through the Rucker…….where does he rank amongst the great dunkers ⁉️

“I don’t have any friends” – When Robert Parish sensed betrayal from Larry Bird and Kevin McHale

Parish sounded upset when the former Celtics teammates didn’t return his calls.

Numerous players emerged as stars and played pivotal roles in helping the Boston Celtics reign supreme as the most dominant team in the East during the 80s.

The primary reason for their success was the camaraderie among Robert Parish, Larry Bird, and Kevin McHale. However, their dynamics changed when these stalwarts retired from the court.

What upset Parish the most?

Having had the longest tenure in the NBA among the Celtics’ Big 3, Parish rightfully decided to take a hiatus from the league upon retiring after 21 years. However, after ultimately deciding to return to the basketball realm, ‘The Chief’ became the head coach of the Maryland Mustangs (an expansion team in the USBL). Unfortunately, the team folded its operations after just a year, leaving Robert eager to pursue other coaching opportunities.

Struggling financially and in dire need of a coaching stint in the NBA, the 4-time NBA champion with extensive knowledge approached his former teammates – Bird and McHale, both of whom had front office jobs at that time to inquire about a vacancy. Regrettably, the 7’1” center never heard back from either of them.

Parish, seeking coaching opportunities, anticipated assistance from Danny Ainge, who was the head of the basketball operations for the Celtics at the time. Disappointingly, that support never materialized. Despite not taking it personally, Robert acknowledged not being a part of any of their ‘inner circle.’

Larry and McHale defended themselves

Offering his perspective, Larry Legend acknowledged meeting Parish but asserted that the Louisiana native never asked him about a job opportunity.

Similarly, McHale stated that he made an effort to land a coaching job for Robert while he was in Minnesota. Unfortunately, with the franchise reducing staff, there were no openings available.

Despite having impeccable chemistry on the court, which resulted in a lot of success, it’s sad to hear the trio of legends didn’t continue their camaraderie into their post-playing days. But that is just how life unfolds sometimes.

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