“He thought that was funny” – Clyde Drexler reveals unforgettable trash-talk moment with Larry Bird

Larry Bird’s trash-talking was as lethal as his clutch three-point shots. Throughout his playing years, “Larry Legend” often left his opponents feeling defeated before, during, and even after the game. His clever quips and strategic jabs became part of his winning strategy, earning him a fierce reputation as arguably the most savage trash-talker of his era.


Bird’s words demoralized those who dared to challenge him, but apparently, that wasn’t always the case. According to Clyde Drexler, he enjoyed his epic trash-talk battles with the Boston Celtics star.


“Larry talked trash to everyone. I did very little trash talking, but I had one-liners,” Drexler told The Columbian in 2011. “He’d say something like “Hey rookie, you know you can’t guard me, right?” But when I had the ball, I’d say, “I might not be able to guard you, but you got NO CHANCE of guarding me.” He laughed at that. He thought that was funny.”


Clyde and Larry’s most epic clash


Apart from the verbal back-and-forths, Drexler and Bird also ensured to back it all up with performance. The most notable duel they ever had took place on March 15, 1992, during the Portland Trail Blazers’ last visit to the Boston Garden in that season.



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In that thrilling contest, the game went to double overtime, with the Celtics beating the Blazers 152-148. Both Bird and Drexler put on a spectacular performance. Larry finished with 49 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists, and four steals, while “Clyde the Glide” logged 41 points, eight rebounds, and 11 assists.


Everybody knew Larry walked the talk


As most of us know, Bird is one of the best to ever do it, but he was equally famous for his vicious trash-talking. Despite regularly spitting bold jabs, Larry always backed it up with his impeccable game and relentless determination.


Bird’s confidence and ability to deliver under pressure earned him the respect of the fans, teammates, and even opponents. His trash-talking became a motivating factor for both himself and those around him, pushing everyone to strive for excellence.


In retrospect, it’s quite amazing how Larry was able to utilize his trash-talking aptitude as a strategic tool to get into the heads of his foes. By engaging in verbal sparring and mind games, “The Hick from French Lick” disrupted the focus and composure of anybody put in front of him. His psychological warfare often gave him a competitive edge, allowing him to outplay his rivals. Bird’s unique combination of talent, tenacity, and mental toughness made him a true legend of the sport.


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