On His Exit: “Max is just an ingrate , he forgets that he is nothing without Red bull”

It’s been too long since the Christian Horner investigation first surfaced and ever since then, it looks like there is no slowing down. Although the investigation was dismissed with Horner being announced innocent by Red Bull GmbH, tensions are still rising at the winning team garage. With Red Bull Racing being so unstable at the moment, there have been rumors of Max Verstappen leaving the team.

Following the Bahrain Grand Prix, Jos Verstappen was caught in conversation with Toto Wolff from Mercedes. However, both the Verstappens and Wolff have claimed that although this is a possibility, it won’t happen anytime soon. Now that we are approaching the Australian Grand Prix, there have been more updates on the situation, and former F1 driver Johnny Herbert spoke to news.com.au to discuss his opinion on the Red Bull situation.

While discussing the topic at hand, according to news.com.au, Johnny Herbert said, “There is a lot of talk about a deal being very close to being brokered between Max and Mercedes.” He added, “Now if that actually materializes, is it a power play? Is it part of the pressure being put on Red Bull and Christian?”

After discussing the situation at Red Bull, Herbert asked another important question, “Does he [Max Verstappen] realistically feel that going to Merc gives him the chance to carry on the dominance he’s got at the moment with a car that’s going to give him a chance to win races?”


Following that, he brought up his doubts on whether Mercedes will help Verstappen win more titles, Herbert added, “But then you think, is that the right thing as a driver for your career? What’s going to give you the best chance of winning races?”

Ultimately, the main reason behind Red Bull’s dominance is Adrian Newey’s RB20, and considering that, Herbert said, “If Adrian stays at Red Bull, then you stay at Red Bull. Let’s say if Adrian goes to Merc, you go to Merc. As a package, that would be a smart move. But it’s about what Adrian decides to do.” Now with speculations of the team disintegrating, what will Red Bull‘s next move be?

Pros and cons of keeping Christian Horner at Red Bull
Christian Horner has been the center pole for Red Bull and can be highly credited for the team’s victories in the last few years. According to F1 journalist Joe Saward, it would be better for the team to keep Horner even if it means risking losing Verstappen, Helmut Marko, and Adrian Newey.


The power play has put these 4 at risk of losing their job, with the team principal on one side and the rest on the other. This power play is said to be Christian Horner’s initiation with him trying to win power over the team with his influence over Chalerm Yoovidhya who owns 51% of the company.

Christian Horner is a smart man and has contributed to much of the team’s success. But on the other hand, it is the prodigy Max Verstappen who has been leading races unlike ever seen before. Having Max Verstappen leave the team might end their dominance, as finding a new driver who could replace Max on the grid might be an impossible task. However, losing Verstappen means losing Marko and probably Newey because they have shown Verstappen much support in the situation.

That being said, what do you think Max Verstappen will do after 2024, stay with Red Bull or try his luck at Mercedes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Gideon Canice

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