Cross starts getting some big scores to leave some daylight between the pair

The darts roadshow never stops with with Dublin set to host Night Eight of the Premier League TONIGHT.


Last week in Nottingham, Luke Humphries recorded back-to-back wins after beating Nathan Aspinall in the final. 


Teenage sensation Luke Littler is still seeking his first triumph heading into Night Eight in Dublin but is currently third in the standings.


Nathan Aspinall* 5-4 Rob Cross


As the fans start singing ‘stand up if you love the darts’, this is another great match between these two.


Once again it is the first thrower who gets to the double and Aspinall knocks off double 16 with his first dart.


Neither player seems able to win against the throw right now.


Nathan Aspinall 4-4 Rob Cross*


This is starting to go with the throw again now.


Cross starts getting some big scores to leave some daylight between the pair.


He sets himself up well for double top and hits it with his first dart.


Nathan Aspinall starts finding the 180s, two now in the match.


He gets to an 81 finish and does it in style with a bullseye to finish.


This match is really nip and tuck, it mayh be one mistake that decides the winner.


It is tough to call a winner in this one.


Aspinall struggles to hit some trebles in this leg, giving Cross the chance to get to a finish with time to spare.


However, he does not put the leg to bed but Aspinall misses his chance to make him pay.


Breathing a sigh of relief, Cross hits double 16 to draw level.


It is a strange match so far.


There is no doubting that Aspinall is hitting the big numbers whereas Cross is struggling to follow suit.


Despite that, Rob Cross is grinding him down and very much in this game.


Aspinall knocks off 122 to take the lead in the match once again.


Cross seems unhappy with his form this evening.


As he goes to have a drink he shakes his head.


He has 152 remaining, hits two treble 20s but misses double 16.


Aspinall cannot punish him as he fails to knock off 52.


No mistakes from Cross as he hits double 8 to draw level.


Nathan Aspinall has the chance to take control of this match.


Hitting 145 takes him onto double top on his next visit.


It all goes a bit pear-shaped as he misses and leaves himself 10.


Rob Cross takes advantage and knocks off 70 to take the leg.


Are you even at the darts unless the Yaya/Kolo Toure song is being sung, well we are now.


Both players are hitting the same sort of numbers, making the finishes all the more important.


With 68 required, Cross sets himself up for double 16 but lands it in the single.


Aspinall makes him pay with a big outshot, hitting double top at the first time of asking.


Nathan Aspinall gets the match off to a perfect start with a maximum with his first three darts.


Rob Cross seems to struggling to find the trebles, with his awkward throwing action, making it seem like he is clutching at his shots.


Aspinall gets down to double top, misses with his first dart, then misses double 10, landing in the single.


His third dart goes straight in double 5 to take the leg with the throw.


Both players, much like Peter Wright, are wearing green this evening.


Only Luke Humphries and Luke Littler are breaking the trend in Dublin.


The fans certainly love ‘Mr Brightside’ as they continue singing Aspinall’s walk-on song as the players warm up.



Next up we have two players currently tied on points in the table.


Aspinall is in fourth spot, with Cross in fifth.


With qualification at stake, this is a big match for Rob Cross to win.


View from SunSports Rob Maul in Dublin


Peter Wright has been having a “darting disaster” according to Wayne Mardle on Sky Sports.


Perhaps that is a tad unfair given how he played tonight, even though he was beaten 6-1 by an excellent Luke Humphries.


Cool Hand Luke averaged 106.09 and looks on course for a hat-trick of nightly wins.


The world No.1’s 120 finish, which included two shots at the Bullseye, was magnificent.


But the point remains that Wright is having a terrible time on the Premier League circuit.


It’s eight weeks now and just one win. He’s rock bottom in the table nd is unlikely to make the playoffs at the O2 Arena in May.


Snakebite, wearing a green shirt with white Shamrocks, was cheered to the rafters by the Irish crowd but this could be his last Prem appearance in Dublin.


There is no guarantee he will be one of the picks for the 2025 tournament given how badly he has performed so far.


Humphries makes light work of his opponent in this one.


He just seems in the zone and is going about his work with some big scoring.


Missing the double first time around, Wright is too far behind to cause him any issues.


Humphries hits double 8 to put this quarter-final to bed.



Luke Humphries 5-1 Peter Wright*


As the two players get down to a finish at the same time, Wright has the chance to take the leg with the throw.


It all looks good until he misses the double.


Humphries has 120 left, misses treble 20 and hits a single, then unbelievably hits two bullseyes to win the leg.


This guy is in some insane form.


Luke Humphries* 4-1 Peter Wright


This one could be over pretty soon.


The basic fact is that Humphries is throwing better darts than most players in the world right now.


He knocks off another decent outshot to win the leg with Wright some 200 behind him.


Luke Humphries 3-1 Peter Wright*


Luke Humphries is going to take some beating this evening as he is throwing some fantastic darts.


Peter Wright is trying his best to keep with him and throwing much better than in recent weeks.


Humphries has a 130 outshot, hits two treble 20s and then double 5 to take the leg against the throw.




40 MINUTES AGOBy Kieran Davies


Luke Humphries* 2-1 Peter Wright


That seemed to spur Humphries into action as he starts the leg with a maximum 180.


The world champion hits another in the leg to put some real daylight between the two players.


He gets onto double 16, misses with two darts, with one of them landing in the single.


No mistakes on double 8 as he takes the leg.




42 MINUTES AGOBy Kieran Davies


Luke Humphries 1-1 Peter Wright*


Despite Luke Humphries getting to an outshot before his opponent, Peter Wright has a big throw to change the leg.


He gets himself onto double 12, misses with his first dart but hits it with the next.


There is a huge roar from the Dublin crowd.




44 MINUTES AGOBy Kieran Davies


Luke Humphries* 1-0 Peter Wright


Peter Wright gets the first 180 in the match much to the delight of the Irish crowd.


The pair pretty much go throw for throw but as soon as Humphries gets sight of his first double, he hits it at the second attempt.


Wright has his work cut out this evening.




47 MINUTES AGOBy Kieran Davies


Luke Humphries v Peter Wright


It’s a battle of top versus bottom to get us underway.


World champion Luke Humphries looking to cement his place at the top of the table.


Peter Wright trying to find some much-needed form, he seems to have the fans behind him in Dublin.






50 MINUTES AGOBy Kieran Davies


Fans all ready for action in Ireland


We are almost ready to get underway.


The packed arena are hoping for some world-class darts.


It should be an electric atmosphere tonight.




56 MINUTES AGOBy Kieran Davies


Schedule for night eight


Here are the quarter-finals we are waiting for this evening:


Luke Humphries v Peter Wright

Nathan Aspinall v Rob Cross

Michael van Gerwen v Gerwyn Price

Luke Littler v Michael Smith


At the halfway stage of the tournament, it is a big night for many players looking to change their fortunes.




TODAY, 19:04By Kieran Davies


Premier League darts heads to Dublin


It should be another action-packed night of darts this evening.


The Irish crowd will no doubt make it a lively atmosphere.


Everyone wants to see the cream of world darts go head to head.




TODAY, 18:30By Tony Robertson


Darts odds for Dublin Premier League night winner


Odds from BetMGM for tonight’s Premier League winner in Dublin.


Luke Humphries – 9/4

Luke Littler – 3/1

Michael Van Gerwen – 11/2

Gerwyn Price – 8/1

Rob Cross – 9/1

Nathan Aspinall – 12/1

Michael Smith- 12/1

Peter Wright – 20/1



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