Bird called DJ his best teammate

Larry Legend’ fired playful shots at his Boston Celtics teammates.


Despite the ‘80s Boston Celtics winning three NBA championships in six years, most of the guys on the star-filled roster were overshadowed by Larry Bird.


While the likes of Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, and Cedric Maxwell rightfully garnered some recognition, Bird ensured that Dennis Johnson received his due respect for making an immediate effect on the team. However, in his trademark manner, the Indiana native couldn’t resist poking fun at the rest of his teammates.


Bird called DJ his best teammate


In the aftermath of two consecutive playoff defeats after their ‘81 triumph, the Celtics identified a pressing need for a guard like Johnson who could fill their perimeter defense woes. Bird openly admitted to DJ’s immediate impact on the team, putting them in the best position to fight for the title.



In arguably one of the most memorable moments in Celtics history, Bird and Johnson combined on a game-winning play during the dying seconds of Game 5 of the ‘87 Eastern Conference Finals. The 12-time All-Star stole the ball and passed it to Johnson for a decisive layup that gave them a crucial 3-2 lead.


Reflecting on the particular play years later, Bird emphasized the uncanny bond he shared with Johnson, unlike any other teammate. This connection enabled the former No. 3 pick to trust the 6’4” guard to be the first to reach the ball without even seeing the movement around the basket, marking one of the most iconic plays in C’s rich history.


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