Noles in the pros: Who stood out at FSU’s NFL Pro Day on Friday?

In front of Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, former safety Jamie Robinson, a plethora of scouting and player personnel, and half the 2024 roster, Florida State’s former stars displayed their skills. Each player had a unique plan for what they wanted to accomplish, but all draft-eligible Seminoles were in attendance, including former DT Robert Cooper, who wanted to try out in front of scouts one more time. Unfortunately, pro days are different than the combine in that getting the times is virtually impossible for each player. The height/weight is done behind closed doors, the 40 times are clocked by hand, and the individual drills are performed in the opposite endzone from the viewing area. That said, below are observations from each player throughout their entire week of being in Tallahassee.

Jared Verse: The projected first-round pick did not feel the need even to put on sneakers at the FSU pro-day today. Verse told the media on Wednesday that he would not participate in measurements or testing on Friday and just wanted to talk to the team while cheering on his teammates. He walked into the practice facility in slides and sweats but chatted with scouting personnel throughout the morning. Verse should be taken within the front half of the draft in April. When he spoke to the media a few days ago, he updated his draft process.

James Rosenberry Jr: The Seminole mainstay at long snapper worked out in front of scouts for the first time on Friday. He explained to the media the difficulty in finding a roster spot as an LS, but he performed as one of the best in the country this past season. Rosenberry snapped to current kicker Ryan Fitzgerald, who posed as a punter and displayed his skills blocking as well. During his media availability, the Ohio native further dove into the competition he faces at his position.

Kalen DeLoach: The linebacker turned heads at the combine with a sub 4.5 40, so he did not need to do much in front of scouts. DeLo wanted to improve his weight and get it to around 215 for Friday, so he was measured, although we do not know what the official total was. DeLoach worked through positional drills on Friday with his partner, Tatum Bethune. His performance during the scouting period did enough to ensure he would hear his name called at the end of April. When he spoke to the media Wednesday, he mentioned the teams he has been in contact with so far.

Akeem Dent: ‘Do-it-all Dent’ as his Twitter username says, did every drill on Friday in front of the scouts. He did not receive an invite to the combine, so he wanted to maximize his opportunity. He seemed to do so with 16 reps on the bench press, a 40 time that sounded like it was in the 4.3s, and a 3-cone shuttle under seven seconds. Dent seems on the cusp of getting drafted, but they did not announce his measurables. When he spoke to the media, he touched on what he focused on throughout his training.

Braden Fiske: Like his teammates, Fiske’s performance at the combine meant he could take it easy at the pro day. He still participated in positional drills but decided to hang out with scouts and cheer on those working through drills. The defensive tackle vaulted up draft boards with a sub 4.8 40 and should hear his name called within the first two days of the draft. He gave a peak behind the curtain on what it is like to talk to teams when he spoke to the media Wednesday.

D’Mitri Emmanuel: Big Meech found himself in a different position than the other teammates in that he participated in the pro day last year. This time, he wanted to put on a show for the scouts while displaying his ability to snap and versatility. He participated in every drill, including the 40, but I could not get any official time. When he spoke a couple of days ago, he discussed the advantage it gave him to go through drills at the combine in 2023.

Trey Benson: Another combine star and another light day. Benson just did the bench press for teams on Friday, smashing out 23 reps, as he displayed his strength in front of scouts. After that, he called it a day but continued to support his former teammates. Benson should go in the first couple of rounds and become a game-breaking back at the next level. When he spoke to the media, he explained his 40 time at the combine.

Casey Roddick: The former Seminole guard went through each opportunity Friday as he wanted to give scouts of a full display of his ability. Unfortunately, I do not have any official times of what he ran due to the lack of public information about the pro day. He also worked through positional drills and snapped in front of teams as he wanted to emphasize versatility as an asset. When he spoke to the media, he poured his heart out and described what last season meant to him.

Jarrian Jones: The embodiment of the CLIMB, worked out in the IPF one final time on Friday. After a solid combine, he only did the 5-10-5 shuttle run and positional drills with Renardo Green. Jones has vaulted up draft boards as his testing times matched his play on the field. He said yesterday that he expects to be a top-100 pick and will start watching the draft on day two. Like Roddick, he took time to talk about what FSU meant to him during his media time yesterday.

Renardo Green: Like Jones, Green had an exceptional combine and found the need to only do the shuttle drill and positional workouts. Part of Green’s rise has been his film against LSU in back-to-back seasons and his ability to cover. The Seminole Corner has been training with Jarrian Jones, and their successes have vaulted them up draft boards. When he spoke to the media, he explained what it was like being at the combine with all of his former teammates.

Jordan Travis: The former Seminole signal-caller has been in Tallahassee the entire week and looks to be in incredible spirit. Travis recently came out of a boot and even started throwing a little bit. He met with teams during the combine and continued to do that on Friday. Travis said he would get measured at the pro day, but those scores were not available. When he spoke to the media, he said he may be able to work out in front of teams before the draft in April.

Jaheim Bell: The South Carolina transfer has put himself in the running to be the third tight end off the board after a great showing in the combine. He just did positional drills on Friday but put forth a workout that expressed his versatility as he lined up all over the field and caught passes from Brock Glenn. On Thursday, he discussed his experience at the NFL combine and what he took away from it.

Tatum Bethune: Bethune worked out at the combine but decided to go through a full workout on Friday. He ran the 40, benched, and worked through positional drills with Kalen DeLoach. The two had been training together, so it was only fitting for them to work-out together in front of the scouts. The other day, he touched on his improvement at Florida State during the last two seasons.

Fabien Lovett: Like Bethune, Lovett went to the combine but did all the drills he did not compete in at the NFL combine. The DT ran the 40, benched, and worked through positional drills with Fiske and Robert Cooper. Lovett would bring intangibles to any roster and a physical defender that every team could utilize.

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