“Hey rook, go have a seat” – Dennis Scott on how Larry Bird forced him into getting foul trouble early in the game

For 3-D, Larry Legend is the GOAT of trash-talking.



Almost every thriving NBA rookie who played in the NBA during Larry Bird’s time has an unforgettable “Larry Legend” story. Each story is unique, but it conveys almost the same thing – the Indiana native is a legend and a savage trash-talker.


According to former Orlando Magic guard Dennis Scott, who shot over 42% from three-point territory in his rookie season, his soft touch did not go unnoticed by Bird. So, in his very first matchup against “The hick from French Lick” in the Boston Garden, Bird gave him a welcome to the NBA moment by forcing him into foul trouble early in the game while talking a whole lot of trash.


“My rookie year coming into the Boston Garden, he says what’s up rook, yeah I heard you’re a great shooter and I heard and you got a great career at Georgia Tech. But you’re about to foul out of this game.’ I’m looking at ‘Larry Legend’ and said, ‘What do you mean? [He said], ‘First time I catch it, Imma pump fake, you’re gonna reach for it, foul!'” Scott told The Camera Guys in 2018.


“I hit a big three and I said, ‘In your face!’ Why did I do that? He comes back down to court next time, catches it, I reached for it again, peep! [mimics the referee’s whistle’s sound]. [Bird said] ‘Hey rook, go have a seat and I’ll see you in the second quarter,'” he continued.



From that day forward, Scott has become one of the many believers that Bird’s sharp wit and skill set get along in harmony. While many recognize Gary Payton or Reggie Miller as some of the fiercest trash talkers in NBA history, Dennis argues that Bird’s psychological tactics went beyond mere words.


After hearing more epic trash-talk stories starring “Larry Legend,” Scott came up with one concrete conclusion. He firmly believes that Bird holds the title of the greatest NBA trash-talker of all time.


“We talk about trash talking, most people think it’s Gary Payton and Reggie Miller are the best trash-talkers ever, Larry Bird is the best trash talker ever,” Scott concluded.


From whispered taunts to strategic remarks, Bird’s ability to get into his rivals’ heads made him a force to be reckoned with on top of his exceptional skills. Some may say that Bird just happened to be such a savage player, but as per the man in question, trash-talking was his way of boosting his confidence during games.


“I was taught at an early age to try and get all the advantage that you can. It helps me feel better, and it gives me confidence, and I don’t talk as much as I used to because I can’t back it up as I used to. It gets me fired up, and I don’t know if it does anything to the opponent; it fires me up,” Bird once said.


Bird gained quite a reputation for his skillful trash-talking on the court. However, his ability to back it up with stellar performances led many to respect his unique and polarizing approach to the game.



Gideon Canice

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