Kenny Pickett, Steelers Drama Makes Taylor Swift Headlines

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers moved on from quarterback Kenny Pickett, trading the former first-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles after some issues with the signing of Russell Wilson.

Once the trade happened, most in the media began analyzing the move and giving their thoughts on Pickett and how things came to an end in Pittsburgh. Plenty of analysts were critical. Then, the Kelce brothers joined in, discussing the move to the Eagles on their podcast New Heights.
“He just can’t leave the state of Pennsylvania,” Travis Kelce said. “The guy just loves Pennsylvania, man.”

Kelce then went on to add a personal touch to his discussion of Pickett, comparing the drama between the quarterback and the Steelers to a hit song by his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.
Kenny and the Steelers, their relationship ended in a little ‘bad blood,'” Kelce sang. “Kenny is saying he preferred to move on.”

Pickett was asked about the move during his first press conference with the Eagles but declined to get into detail about how everything went down.

“I just thought it was time,” Pickett said. “It just felt like it was time from things that transpired. Wanted to get a chance to go somewhere else to grow my career.”

The Eagles and Steelers will meet at some point during the season, likely sparking more Pickett talk. But for now, Pittsburgh is moving forward with Wilson and Justin Fields as their quarterbacks, and Pickett has taken his ‘bad blood’ across the state to Philadelphia.

Gideon Canice

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