Darts star Ricky Evans has gone viral on social media for producing an incredible feat on his home dartboard.

The 33-year-old, who is currently ranked as the PDC world number 41, is nicknamed ‘Rapid’ as a nod towards his quickfire throwing style.


He holds what is believed to be the world record for the fastest competitive 180, hitting perfection in under three seconds during a 2017 match against Michael Smith.




Evans has slowed down his throw in recent years, and he reached the semi-final of the UK Open last month with an impressive 10-7 victory over 2018 world champion Rob Cross, before losing 10-2 to reigning world champion Luke Humphries.


Now, he has gone viral for another 180 achievement – but not the type that you’d be used to seeing at competitive tournaments.



Instead, Evans filmed himself standing a matter of feet away from the dartboard, before firing in an inch-perfect maximum


Ricky Evans with possibly the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen on a dartboard

that’s genuinely incredible how he’s managed that 🤣🤣




Given the angles involved in the shot compared to a usual maximum hit – as well as the tendency for dart bounce outs at such a short range – Evans’ feat seems to get more impressive the more you watch it.


And the man himself replied: “I’ve had more nine darters from that distance than I’ve had hot dinners… and man I’ve had a lot of hot dinners.”



In the comments, one fan wrote: “Doesn’t look hard until you try it.”


Another said: “People who haven’t played darts before won’t understand, but to not have a bounce out from that range is impressive, let alone a 180.”


A third admitted: “If I tried that it would immediately hit the wire and take my eye out.”



And a fourth added: “Actually way harder than hitting a normal one.”


Gideon Canice

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