Shohei Ohtani Opens Up on His Wife, Reveals Hidden Details Behind His Surprise Marriage

After dropping a huge bombshell, Shohei Ohtani is slowly opening up about his tryst with love and mystery wife. While her name remains unknown, the superstar has started revealing details of their relationship. Most importantly, how they dated during his regular baseball season and the reason that made him decide that he wanted to marry her.




While most of Ohtani’s fanbase has gotten their hearts broken, they’re nonetheless happy to see their favorite superstar having a good time. The mystery surrounding his wife has captured the imagination of every baseball fan. To his credit, Shotime is slowly supplying his fanbase with added information about his love story. Recently, the superstar talked to a Japanese publication Number Web and ended up sharing some interesting tidbits about his love life.


Ohtani shared how he met his wife several times by chance in a very short time. When asked where he met her, Shotime said, “It wasn’t at the gym, but I think it was while we were practicing. That’s the tricky part for me.” Then Ohtani revealed how he doesn’t remember where they saw each other the first time, but he remembers clearly the second and third time. “I also remember that we met two times out of three times in a little over two weeks (lol),” Ohtani quipped. He also shared that she’s two years younger than him.




Shohei Ohtani spoke to @numberweb and shared more details about his wife:


– Ohtani is about two years older than her

– They are currently watching ‘House of Shinobi’ on Netflix

– He likes that he isn’t that different when he’s with her compared to when he’s alone

– During his…


— Dodgers Nation (@DodgersNation) March 2, 2024


The talk then shifted to how the two managed their relationship during his baseball season. Ohtani replied that his then-girlfriend was working in Japan so she hardly came to the US. Even during his elbow rehab, the superstar remained in the US with his pet, Decoy, but the two stayed connected online.


“We were talking on the phone…We were watching something together…comedy, and we were also watching dramas…Right now we’re watching Netflix “House of Shinobi,” Ohtani revealed. So what was it that made him decide that she was the one? Ohtani had multiple reasons for it.





What made Shohei Ohtani say “Yes! she’s the one”

The reporter asked what was the “deciding factor” for the superstar. “I don’t know,” Ohtani said. “It’s easy and fun to be with her. I’m not that different from where I was alone…From the beginning, I didn’t have to worry about things like changing… so I was able to stay the same. I guess that’s the way it is.”


Ohtani then expressed how it’s not just one thing that made him decide she’s the one. “At worst, it lacks a deciding factor, but at best, there are a lot of them…hehehe,” the superstar laughed.

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