“That stuff is to me BS” – Patrick Reed opens up on the cheating and stealing allegations against him

Patrick Reed recently opened up about the cheating allegations he has faced throughout his career. The American golfer, who is all set to tee off this week at the Masters, spoke about his journey and shared his take on the claims in an interview with Golf.com.Reed has a successful career. He won the Masters in 2018 and is best known for his dominating performances at the Ryder Cup. However, besides his successful golf career, he has often been engulfed in controversies, particularly with respect to allegations of cheating and theft during his college years.

In his recent interview, Patrick Reed denied all the allegations against him, saying:

“I have no idea where that stuff came from, have no idea. I mean both coaches even had signed statements saying that no, he’s never stolen or cheated ever. So I mean that stuff is to me BS, obviously.” (12:29-13:39)

Furthermore, he revealed that he had left his undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia because he was “unhappy”:

“The reason I left UG is I was unhappy. And to be honest with you I’m glad I did because if I didn’t then who knows what those next couple of years would have been like. I mean, when you’re unhappy, you don’t, you’re kind of unmotivated on a lot of things.



“So because of that, I went to a place I felt like it made me happier and because of that I worked harder and was able to get to the level I really want to be at, and that’s out here.” (12:29-13:39)


Reed was accused of cheating and stealing during his college matches while he was studying at the University of Georgia by one of his teammates. This was mentioned in Shane Ryan’s book titled “Slaying the Tiger: A Year Inside the Ropes on the New PGA Tour.”

All about Patrick Reed’s career

Patrick Reed played golf while studying at University High School in Baton Rouge at the junior level. He won the Junior Open Championship in 2006 and later qualified for the US Amateur.Later, he enrolled at the University of Georgia, where he played college golf and competed in numerous tournaments. However, during his college life, he was once arrested and put on probation for a misdemeanour. He later left the college and joined Augusta State University. He had a successful career as an amateur, winning the 2010 Jones Cup Invitational.Reed started playing professionally in 2011 at the age of 20. Initially, he competed on the Nationwide Tour before earning his PGA Tour card in 2013. He has won nine professional events in his career so far and reached No. 6 in the Official World Golf Rankings. Additionally, he has won one Major, the Masters.After a successful stint on the PGA Tour, he joined LIV Golf in 2022 and has since been playing on the Saudi circuit. As Patrick Reed holds a lifetime exemption to compete at the Masters, he will tee off this week at Augusta, with the tournament starting on Thursday, April 11.



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