“Wilt would move Shaq like a rag doll” — Legendary NBA announcer claims Wilt Chamberlain would dominate Shaquille O’Neal

It’s difficult to imagine Shaquille O’Neal getting tossed around like a crash-test dummy.


hamberlain was regarded as the most dominant big man in the history of the NBA. Since they played in different eras, we’ll never really determine who’s the real GOAT big man. But according to a legendary NBA announcer, Chamberlain would have an easy time against Shaq.


Wilt vs Shaq potential matchup


Sonny Hill, a former announcer for the Philadelphia 76ers, chimed in on the hot topic several years ago. Hill was a color commentator for the 76ers in the late 1960s and saw with his own eyes how dominant Chamberlain was. In his opinion, Shaq is no match for the Big Dipper.


It’s hard to imagine Shaq getting tossed around like a mannequin. In his prime, no one could match up against Shaq one-on-one. Teams sent double and triple teams, and it still wasn’t enough. Shaq was so good that he guided the Los Angeles Lakers to three straight titles from 2000 to 2002—a feat that has never been replicated ever since.



Wilt’s thoughts about Shaq


Wilt was still around during Shaq’s rise to prominence. And just like ex-players of today, Chamberlain entertained the thought of going against the Big Diesel. While there’s no denying Shaq’s physical prowess, Wilt claims he can outlast the four-time NBA Champion.


“He plays an entirely different game of basketball than I do. He uses his physicality, and he’s a big, young, strong man. And that works well in today’s game. If he was facing me and other guys of my time, not so, not so good. I mean, I’m a guy bench pressing around 600 pounds.”


That seems like an accurate analysis. Wilt’s highlights show that besides possessing brute strength, he’s a mobile big man who can also contort his body in different directions. From the looks of it, Chamberlain could play in today’s era where mobile big men reign supreme.


Wilt passed away in October 1999. Several months later, Shaq would win his first title and embark on a stretch to earn him the title of the most dominant player ever. It would’ve been nice if Chamberlain had witnessed it. But as the competitor he is, Wilt would probably proclaim himself king of the bigs. 



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