Tiger Woods sends ‘cease and desist’ order to new play-and-party golf course in North Wales… but the owner calls it a ‘COMPLIMENT’ that the Anglesey venue caught the icon’s eye!

A trademark firm representing Tiger Woods has issued a ‘cease and desist’ letter to a Welsh golf course over concerns that fans may be misled by a similar name to one of the legend’s own ventures.

The new play-and-party golf course in Anglesey, North Wales, is being launched by local professional golfer Matthew Wharton, and was set to be called PuttStroke.

However the premium mini-golf experience has attracted attention from a trademark firm representing 48-year-old Woods.

A trademark firm representing Tiger Woods has sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to a golf course

Matthew Wharton had hoped to call his North Wales play-and-party golf course PuttStroke
‘I’m calling it Puttstroke but I may have to think again if I get a warning letter from Tiger.’

Now that he has been called out on the name, because of a ‘substantial risk of confusion’ according to JA Kemp, Wharton, 50, has asked for help to find a new moniker for the business.

Wharton admitted: ‘I was a bit shocked to receive the letter.

‘It arrived pretty soon after I announced the venture. I was surprised it had caught Tiger’s eye so quickly, but I suppose in a way that’s quite a compliment – maybe it shows he’s worried about the competition!

‘I’m happy to go along with the request and look for a new name. I’ve decided to seek inspiration from the public – to see if they can suggest something suitable. I’d be delighted to hear ideas for the new name so long as it’s not Putty McPuttFace or something.

‘We live in a Welsh village and we’re trying to promote the Welsh language, so it would be good to hear suggestions for names that would translate well and put Welsh first.’

Wharton’s Golf Mon venture uses the old golf course and driving range in Llangefni, which closed in 2018.

Construction work on the new project has already begun, with floodlight greens that mirror traditional golf clubs, but allow for later playing times, and dining facilities, including a pizza restaurant which is already operating on the site.

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