JUST NOW💯💯 Tiger woods set to return to PGA TOUR to prove his effectiveness to fans

Woods returned to the Masters again having won the competition no less than five times in the past. The veteran last won the competition in 2019, completing an impressive comeback story, but he is no longer a realistic contender.



Tiger Woods accidentally hits a fan on the Masters golf course, a day to forget


Scottie Scheffler came out on top at this year’s edition of the Augusta event, as expected, while Woods ended up in 60th with a 16-over par.


Seemingly never ending injuries have seen Woods slip away from the elite, but he continues to compete at the age of 48.


While the success of his career cannot be doubted, some have cast shade over his achievements with claims of steroid use.


Former PGA Tour member Lye has become the most recent to suggest there were performance-enhancing drugs at play during Woods’ hay day.


“Yes, that is,” Lye said, via Fox News Digital, when he was asked if the drug use was a well-kept secret in the golf community.


“It is except for the people in Tiger’s corner. ‘You better shut up about it.’ Nobody ever gone out like that. Nobody’s ever said that like I’m saying it right now. There’s just no doubt. And I would say about 80 or 90% of the people out there know something ain’t right.”



Ex-PGA Tour star suggests Tiger Woods’ alleged PED use was known in the sport



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