“We’re very open-minded about it” – Greg Norman backs Jon Rahm’s comments on LIV Golf moving to 72 holes

Jon Rahm has doubled down on his earlier call for a format change on LIV Golf. The Spaniard said that the series could adopt the traditional 72-hole format. He claimed it would resolve the “trust” issue faced by the Saudi-backed series. Interestingly, Greg Norman has backed the comments.


Rahm made the comments during the pre-event press conference ahead of 2024 LIV Golf Adelaide on Wednesday. He said that the series must add a round of play to the existing 54-hole shotgun format for better results. Sitting alongside the World No. 4 golfer, Norman said that the series is “very open-minded” about the 72-hole format. However, he said its implementation might be tough.


Norman said that the stakeholders need to understand there’s an “economic impact about putting television on for 72 holes.” Furthermore, he stated that the existing three-day format makes LIV Golf events a “sprint,” which causes it to be more interesting.



Speaking to reporters at the press conference on Wednesday, Greg Norman said:


“I think from LIV’s perspective, we’re very open-minded about it, but you’ve got to understand there’s economic impact about putting television on for 72 holes. Right now, Jon hits the nail on the head. There’s no — when you can tee up on Friday, it’s a sprint to the end. There’s no warm-up time period to get you — I’m talking about from a player’s perspective now.


“Sometimes you can have an average first round and then you come back and shoot a 64 and get yourself back into it, now you’re into the weekend. If you really don’t play well on Friday here, you have a hard time because the quality of play here is so high, you know when you tee it off — you’ll speak to most of the guys out there.”




Notably, Norman reiterated that the proposed implementation of the 72-hole format is a “great conversation to have” and that LIV will “continue to have that conversation going forward.”


Jon Rahm calls for 72 holes on LIV Golf


Jon Rahm had earlier called for a format change on LIV Golf. Speaking ahead of the Masters, the Spaniard said the breakaway tour should add a round of play to its existing format. Interestingly, he doubled down on the comments on Wednesday and said the introduction of 72 holes format would resolve the “trust” issue faced by LIV.


Speaking to reporters ahead of the 2024 LIV Golf Adelaide on Wednesday, Jon Rahm said:


“I think there’s a level of comfort when I say that (change format) because it’s a little bit more of what we’re used to seeing in golf… I came to this realization and I think it could help a lot of fans’ trust in LIV a little bit more, because that’s a lot of the complaints that I see from a lot of people.”


Furthermore, Rahm noted that “LIV is a business” and it was required to make its product “fit” for the audience.



Gideon Canice

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