Tiger Tiger Woods is set to make a fortune thanks to his loyalty to the PGA Tour despite playing just two events this season

Woods will benefit significantly from his loyalty to the PGA Tour despite limited participation this season thanks to the newly established PGA Tour Enterprises fund

The PGA Tour Enterprises fund, backed by a $3billion (£2.4bn) investment from the Strategic Sports Group (SSG), is trying to reshape their members into stakeholders in a novel for-profit venture. The pioneering program offers nearly 193 PGA Tour members the opportunity to garner more than $1.5bn (£1.2bn) in current and prospective equity.

Woods is expected to receive the greatest grant valuation in Group 1 of a new investment fund for PGA Tour players. On Wednesday, the PGA Tour’s commissioner Jay Monahan, who is also the CEO of PGA Tour Enterprises, will notify members, divulging the worth of award grants for each loyal player who snubbed LIV Golf.

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To get into Group 1, players must have many Career Points, which measure how well they’ve done in their PGA Tour career. They get points for each year they’ve been on the tour, how many times they’ve made it to the Tour Championship and how many official Tour wins they have. They even get extra points for winning big tournaments like the majors or the Players Championship.

With a potent Career Points tally of 528, Woods is poised to receive a substantial share of the $750million (£602m) allocated among 36 players in Group 1. As one of the six PGA Tour policy board player directors appointed to the PGA Tour Enterprises board, Woods plays a pivotal role in steering the PGA Tour’s future and commercial endeavours.

Rory McIlroy has accumulated 199 points. Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas have each earned approximately 100 points. While all four players are anticipated to be included in Group 1 and receive substantial rewards, the difference in Career Points suggests that Woods will likely get the largest payout, with McIlroy in second place.

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