Cowboys Dak Prescott Reveals Contract Talks Update: Jerry Jones is ‘Dead-On!’

FRISCO – Dak Prescott is working to keep his eyes on the prize, the Pro Bowl quarterback and NFL MVP runner-up trying to do for the Dallas Cowboys in 2024 what he did in 20234 …


Plus a playoff win or two, of course.


But there is another item on the table, and it cannot be ignored. So when the media met with Dak on Wednesday evening in Frisco at the team’s 2024 Home Run Derby for charity, that item was addressed.


“It’s still conversations,” said Prescott of his lame-duck contract status.  “I’m aware of everything (team owner Jerry Jones) said … and everything he said is dead-on – (regarding) communication. … (It) has been back-and-forth.”



Prescott is scheduled to be a free agent after this year should he and the Joneses not work out an extension that has reported figures to be around $60 million APY – at least if Dak has his way.


After touching on this, he turned his attention to his “focus is on helping my team. It’s as simple as that. … I’m just focused on helping this team and being the best I can, and get better.”


And that is the truth. But let’s not go media-homer here and pretend the contract “isn’t on his mind”; that’s ridiculous. Prescott can be “football-first,” with agent Todd France very much in charge of the (virtually non-existent) negotiations. He can talk of his desire to work with coach Mike McCarthy to make the “Texas Coast Offense” – successful last year – even better.



“We scratched the surface, in the sense of this was our first year with Mike calling the show (as the playcaller),” Dak said. “We continued to improve all year long. All the great things we had last year …  It’s gonna prepare us in the details and prevent us from having to make adjustments late. Another year is gonna be special.”


But Prescott has a big brain. There is room for football. And while he compartmentalizes the other stuff, there is also room for that other stuff. And in one quote, he demonstrates his ability to consider both at the same time.


“At the end of the day, I’ve talked about how (Dallas is) where I want to be, but my focus is on helping my team,” Dak said. “It’s as simple as that.”


And it’s as complicated as that, too.



Gideon Canice

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