LIV Golf caddie told after he’s drilled by missile: “You shouldn’t be standing there”


People pay to watch the big names, and when it comes down to it, aside from the elevated events and majors, the PGA Tour has really suffered from a lack of star power this season.

On top of that, LIV is now producing a spectator experience that the PGA Tour simply can’t match week in week out.

LIV matches their star studded golfing lineup’s with superstar DJs each week, and that’s on top of additional entertainment and music that’s laid on over all three days.

LIV Golf Adelaide

Now if we’re totally honest, there have been some fairly meagre crowds at some LIV events this year, Jeddah hardly looked like a sell out from the coverage we watched.

But even with that considered, we are now willing to say we would rather watch and attend a LIV event than a standard PGA Tour one.

Elevated events are slightly different, as they offer the chance to see all of the big dogs on the North American circuit going head to head, but aside from that the regular season schedule on the PGA Tour has been remarkably bland this year.

LIV is closing the gap, and it appears clear from viewing figures that we aren’t the only ones having our heads turned by the noisy neighbours.

Will we see a merger between the two tours? Only time will tell, but until then the PGA Tour has its work cut out to keep it’s nose ahead in the hotly contested popularity contest.

Gideon Canice

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