Larry bird’s prediction of the modern time basketball finally coming to reality, too bad for Boston Celtics 🥺🥺

They’re not going to be able to be contenders for a few years” – When Larry Bird blasted the Boston Celtics for lacking stability after firing Chris Ford

Larry sounded off on the Celtics after firing Coach Ford.




Since joining the Boston Celtics in 1979-80, Larry Bird not only played a pivotal role in reshaping the team’s destiny but also maintained a vigilant watch over their operations even after retiring. Thus, when the franchise fired coach Chris Ford shortly after handing him a contract extension, the three-time MVP wasted no time in publicly criticizing the front office’s decision-making.


Bird on Celtics firing Ford

During the final two seasons of his NBA career, ‘Larry Legend’ played under the guidance of coach Ford. Despite facing injuries to prominent players, Chris helped the Celtics register a 56-win campaign in the ‘90-91 season and a 51-win run in ‘91-92.


While the C’s entered a downward spiral after Bird retired, Ford kept his faith in the team. And despite winning just 32 games in the ‘93-94 season and missing the playoffs altogether, the front office chose to give Chris a contract extension as a nod to his past accomplishments.


However, in 1995, despite the team making the playoffs, the Celtics fired Ford and replaced him with ML Carr as the head coach.


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“I think people look in and see there’s not a lot of stability. They signed Chris to a new contract last summer, and now Chris is gone. I don’t think people look at this as a great situation,” Bird said. “It looks to them like the Celtics are stuck right now. It looks like they’re not going to be able to be contenders for a few years.”


Larry’s assessment came true

Although tragedies with Len Bias and Reggie Lewis played considerable roles in preventing the Celtics from emerging as a dominant force throughout the 90s, Bird was indeed one of the first to spot how the most decorated organization in NBA history was entering its worst phase after Ford’s firing.


Not only did Larry’s foresight prove accurate, but it turned out to be quite an understatement. It wasn’t until the Boston Celtics selected Antoine Walker in 1996 and Paul Pierce in 1998 with their draft picks that the team began to regain relevance.


It is safe to say that these acquisitions helped revitalize Boston’s place in the Eastern Conference only slowly but steadily, as they eventually became relevant again in the late 2000s.


“The gutsiest playing I’ve ever seen” – Chris Ford lauded Larry Bird’s toughness as he played through pain and logged a triple-double

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