“The thorns are to show the pain through that slavery trade time” – Lewis Hamilton explains the inspiration behind his Met Gala outfit

Lewis Hamilton recently talked about the outfit he wore to the 2024 Met Gala and what it represents.

Apart from tearing the tarmac in high-performance F1 cars and winning championships, Hamilton has always been a massive fan of fashion. He has attended several high-profile fashion shows and galas. The 2024 Met Gala was the Mercedes star’s fifth time visiting the famous fashion event.During the show, Lewis Hamilton was requested to do a short interview for Vogue where he explained which fashion brand he was rocking that evening and what it represented.



He said that the brand he was wearing was Burberry, and the inspiration for the all-black outfit was an 18th-century gardener who came from Africa to Wales while fighting slavery. After arriving in Wales, he successfully became the first black gardener in the country.

“It’s Burberry. I did a lot of research, came across this 18th century gardener that through slavery times came over from Africa to Wales & became the first black gardener in Wales, so through adversity, you know, really triumphed,” Hamilton said (0:25).

Lewis Hamilton further explained how his necklace, which had thorns, depicted the pain that the black community went through when they were traded as slaves.

“So that’s really where the inspiration has come from. I like that the thorns here are to show the pain through that slavery trade time,” he added (0:40).


Lewis Hamilton shares his journey in the fashion industry

Lewis Hamilton recently shared how he started his journey in the fashion industry and urged other teams and drivers in the F1 paddock to do the same.Speaking at a Mercedes-Vogue event at Albert Park in March 2024, Hamilton explained he took a long time getting accustomed to the fashion industry and attending fashion shows.

“It’s taken me a long time to get fashionable—and a long time to actually convince the teams to change. I wasn’t able to wear my own things. And then I started going to fashion shows. I really love the fashion shows because there’s a very diverse audience—so many different people from different walks of life, all dressed in their own styles, with no apologies. So it’s been a fun journey,” Hamilton shared.

Coming back to F1, Lewis Hamilton has been struggling to race amongst the top teams and drivers in 2024. He is currently ninth in the drivers’ championship with only 27 points.


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