Okay, I’ve had enough of this”: Lewis Hamilton gives intriguing insight into his mindset after almost 3 winless years By

Okay, I’ve had enough of this”: Lewis Hamilton gives intriguing insight into his mindset after almost 3 winless years By

Lewis Hamilton gave an intriguing insight into his mindset after what has been almost three winless years in F1. The driver dominated the sport from 2014 to 2020. This was the turbo hybrid era when Mercedes produced the groundbreaking turbo hybrid V6 power unit.


From 2014 to 2021, Mercedes swept the constructors title. Hamilton himself had a dominant streak as he won six world titles during this time and became the most successful driver in the history of F1. The turbo-hybrid era, however, ended for the Brit as the driver lost the title in 2021 to Max Verstappen in controversial circumstances.That is when Mercedes’ dominance in the sport ended and it was taken over by Red Bull and Verstappen. Since 2022, when the ground effect era began, Lewis Hamilton has not had much success. His streak of 15 consecutive years where he won at least a race each season came to an end in 2022. He has now decided to switch teams and move to Ferrari.




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Talking to CBS News on the eve of the F1 Miami GP, Lewis opened up about how the new era has been for him. He said:

“It’s been tough, it’s been a really challenge. It could’ve been worse. It’s been a really transitional period where there has been a lot of team bonding, really low moments within the group which then ultimately bring you together. There’s been a lot of vulnerability within the team with all of us and it’s really been a growing experience.”


“It’s been tough of course, we exist to win. When you’re not winning, your perspective has to shift, and it’s just then been about chasing and it’s about improvement. It’s about coming together. How can we make improvements? How can we get back to where we want to be? And rallying everyone up, I actually really enjoyed that experience. But three years in now, we’re like, ‘okay, I’ve had enough of this, let’s get back to where we belong’.”

Lewis Hamilton wanted 2024 F1 season to be his best with Mercedes

When questioned if he wanted the 2024 F1 season to be his best with Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton nodded and said it was the most painful part. The team was working hard to make improvements and fight back, but it did not translate into success.Talking about the disappointment of not being able to have the best farewell with the team, Lewis Hamilton said:


“I do and that’s probably the most painful part. Everyone at the team, they want it to be a great year. Everyone has worked so hard back. For me, this whole journey has been massively emotional. Just because I have so much love for this team.”

He added:

“I’m not leaving because I’m unhappy there. I’m not leaving because of relationship issues. Mercedes have supported me since I was 13. They’ve been with me through thick and thin.”

Lewis Hamilton will be on his last contract of his career with Ferrari from 2025 onwards. The F1 legend has put together a brilliant run in his career, but it’s safe to say that the success and failure of the project at the Italian team will determine his duration in the sport.



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