Verstappen stays at Red Bull on one condition: ‘I told them that’

Verstappen stays at Red Bull on one condition: ‘I told them that’

Max Verstappen says he currently sees no reason to leave Red Bull Racing early. He does stress that this is true as long as the Austrian Formula 1 team continues to provide him with the fastest car.




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Verstappen previously indicated that “something really crazy” would have to happen if he wanted to leave Red Bull early. Meanwhile, a lot has been happening within his team, the most recent being the announced departure of Adrian Newey. In Miami, Verstappen was asked if that was “crazy enough” to make him decide to leave Red Bull.


Verstappen will stay at Red Bull under one condition


“Well, at the end of the day, these kinds of decisions are not made very easily, and I’m very happy with where I am,” Verstappen stressed. However, he does express a clear requirement to stay with the F1 team: “I want to be in the fastest car, that’s what I always said to the team. That’s what we have at the moment, and that’s what we can have also next year.”


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Asked if he would fancy going to another team and then taking it to the level Red Bull has now, the Dutchman replied: “I don’t necessarily have a desire to suddenly build up something new or whatever. Why would you want to leave when you’re already in the best position and you think you can continue that for a long time?”



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