Most Overrated MLB Pitchers of All Time

Most Overrated MLB Pitchers of All Time

Wanna make a pro athlete seethe or at least give a dirty look? Just call that person the worst four-syllable word in all of sports. All together now, people — o-ver-ra-ted.


But in no way should that godawful term be confused with being a bad player. Heck, even legit Hall of Famers can be overrated, as you will discover soon.


So please keep that in mind. When we call these players overrated, in no way does it mean that they would have been better off as embalmers, roadkill collectors, or even manual sewer cleaners — they’re just perfect as the most overrated MLB players of all time.

1)Mariano Rivera

2)Clayton Kershaw

3)Lou Brock

4)Nolan Ryan

5)Mike Menosky

6)Rollie fingers

7)Roger Maris

8)Ron Santo

9)Early wynn

10)Dave Winfield

11)Tony Perez

12)Alfonso sariano

13)Joe Carter

14)Lee Smith

Gideon Canice

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