Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Pitched as ‘Package Deal’ for NFC East Rival

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Pitched as ‘Package Deal’ for NFC East Rival

The Giants could decide to package Dak Prescott with Bill Belichick next season.

Getty Images The Giants could decide to package Dak Prescott with Bill Belichick next season.


Dak Prescott may be entering his final season with the Dallas Cowboys and could be strongly considered by a division rival looking to make a splash next offseason.


Barring any changes to his contract situation, Prescott is set to be a free agent next offseason. He’ll likely command top-dollar and have no shortage of suitors. FS1’s Nick Wright believes the New York Giants will make a play for Prescott and look to pair him with Bill Belichick.


“I think it is on the board that Dak Prescott and Bill Belichick are a package deal next season to the New York Giants,” Wright said on “The Herd” on May 14. “Bill gets to come back to the Giants, they get to steal away the Cowboys’ quarterback and answer that problem.



“Everywhere Bill could go, it’s like, ‘Well, the job’s open, probably because they don’t have a quarterback.’ Bill’s already gone through that. I think Bill and Dak could go and you could remake an entire organization. … I think the New York Giants are a very viable option.”


The Giants will start Daniel Jones next season. He signed a four-year, $160 million extension with New York last offseason. The Giants have a potential out next offseason, which would limit the amount of dead cap they would incur by cutting Jones.


Wright: Multiple Teams Could Benefit From Prescott-Belichick Pairing

Wright didn’t limit that option to just the Giants. He thinks the Belichick-Prescott package could help revitalize multiple franchises in need.


“By the way, the Giants aren’t the only team that could do that, but with Bill Belichick floating out there, and Dak Prescott the best quarterback in forever to [potentially] hit true free agency,” Wright said, “[There is] the ability for any franchise, to with the stroke of a check, remake the entire version of their team. Greatest coach ever, one of the best quarterbacks to ever leave via free agency [in his prime].”


Prescott is coming off a Pro Bowl season — the third of his career. He recorded a career-high 4,516 yards with 36 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Prescott’s QB rating of 105.9 was the best of his career.


Belichick parted ways with the New England Patriots in January. He didn’t land a job this offseason but has a Hall of Fame resume with six Super Bowls.


Cowboys Have Made ‘No Progress’ on Dak Prescott Extension

The Cowboys have talked a lot about an extension for Prescott but it appears that little is being done about it.


“Still a lot of work to be done and questions to be answered moving forward. We don’t know how this is going to play out. But we’re looking at the distinct possibility — being that he can’t be tagged — that Dak Prescott could become a free agent in March. Free to go wherever he wants,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on May 15. “Dallas and Dak have not made any noticeable progress towards a new deal.”


Prescott has said he’s focused on this coming season. He’ll let his future unfold after that.


“I’m not going to say I fear being here or not. I don’t fear either situation, to be candid with you,” Prescott said in April via The Athletic’s Jon Machota. “I love this game and love to play. Love to better myself as a player and my teammates around me. Right now it’s with the Dallas Cowboys, it’s where I want to be, and that’s where I am, and that’s the focus. And after the season we’ll see where we’re at and if the future holds that. And if not, we’ll go from there.”


Prescott and the Cowboys have a projected win total of 10.5 next season. Dallas has won 12 games each of the last three seasons.

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