THE Minnesota Vikings most dangerous addition of 2024 offseason⤵⤵

THE Minnesota Vikings most dangerous addition of 2024 offseason⤵⤵

Who is the Minnesota Vikings most dangerous addition of 2024 offseason?


The Minnesota Vikings 2024 offseason gave them the new direction they have been building toward for the last few seasons. Their additions were both plentiful and impactful for this year and beyond and the one with the most intrigue is edge rusher Dallas Turner.


The Vikings infamously hadn’t drafted an edge rusher in the first round since 2005 when they selected Erasmus James but they moved up to select Turner at 17th overall. It makes it a lot easier to not select an edge rusher high when you have players like Danielle Hunter, Everson Griffen and Brian Robison hit in the middle rounds.


Bleacher Report’s Ryan Fowler named Turner their most dangerous addition during the 2024 offseason.


Turner was occasionally quiet at Alabama, but his explosiveness and bend should translate right away to the NFL. He’ll need to improve on early downs, but he has the athleticism to play the fringe areas and a skill set that could evolve into something special.


The real intrigue here is how defensive coordinator Brian Flores will be using Turner. Being that Turner is likely to be EDGE3 in the Vikings defense, there won’t be a lot of responsibility on his shoulders early and he can be deployed in more advantageous situations, including zone blitzes and three edge rusher packages.


What he does provide is a lot of versatility and athleticism, two thing that Flores prioritizes. With Turner at his disposal, don’t be surprised if Turner ends up being Defensive Rookie of the Year.


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